Автоматическая машина для нанесения вакуумного покрытия из алюминия и пластика с сенсорным экраном

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Products Description

Be in the leading level of the industry with the suspension design .Our production no planting lines, no sidelines, no folds , no splashed aluminum dross and no pollution. Use the stepping motor system can guarantee the uniformity of the planting. Test thickness on line can guarantee the products quality .Particular suitable for aluminizing on coating film, cost-effective.

Product Paramenters

Vacuum chamber:
Circular vacuum chamber with double open structure, designed with unilateral reel.
Product usage :
Drug package film, cigarette package film, laser film ,hot stamping film, transfer film, dielectric film.
High speed, high efficiency, high stability
Winding system:
Four motor four roll drive structure, design with unilateral reel, increase the stability for a long-term. Coating film with lower temperature, minimal distortion of the film ,the speed is up to 700/min.
Evaporator source:
The top clamp fixed alternate permutation to make the evaporation well-proportioned and save time to change evaporator boat, to improve productivity; reliable evaporator source design, descend on error rate. Guarantee the uniformity by stepping motor system.
Control system:
Siemens intergraded control system ,profibus, human-computer interface, PLC control; high precision AC servo motor drive, four-roller four motors constant tension winding, more stability in control, high precision digital control evaporate; PLC control the stepping motor, convenient for adjust the stability of wire feed, greatly improved reliability. Plating thickness on line measurement and control technology can guarantee the products quality.
Vacuum system:
Inverter speed regulation system. Roots pump oil free pumping system, expedite pumping speed and more energy-saving, more efficiency; equipped ultralow temperature cold trap, applies to work in any climate.
Product Usage
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Q1:The difference between vacuum coating machine and sputtering coating? 

A: Vacuum sputter coating is more uniform than evaporative coating

Q2:Can i visit your factory?

A:Yes, welcome to visit our factory, Address: 3988. Tokyo Road Economic development zone Qingzhou city,Shandong province,China (Mainland)

Q3:How do you control your quality?

A:Each process will be tested by our own inspection department to make sure the product quality.

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