Песок, полиэтилен высокой плотности 6m для плавательного Бассеина/навес от солнца для стоянки Авто/убрать козырек от солнца ввиде паруса

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Product Description
Sand sail shade 6m for swimming pool/car park sun shade sail/retract sun shade sail

*90% UV block offering superior sun protection and reduced temperatures beneath by 32% 

*High quality  stainess steel (SUS316 ) fixing accessories that won't trust

*5-10 years warranty against UV degradation

*Avaiable in a large range of fashionable colors

*Fabric weigh 250-360g

Product Category:
HDPE wave shade sail
100% virgin HDPE +UV Stabilized
Sand, Green, Red and Blue, or Customized
Gram Weight:
140g 160g Or 180g
Shade rate:
Common Size:
 1). Triangle: 3*3*3m,3.6*3.6*3.6m,5*5*5m  ( with 3 ropes )

 2). Square: 3*3m,3.6*3.6m,5*5m ’( with 4 ropes )

 3). Rectangle: 2*4m,4*5m ( with 4 ropes )
Rope length:
1.5m or Customized. (free)
D Rings or A rings.  the diameter of the ring is 8mm or 6mm
1,Reinforced webbing along the edges.

2,corners are specially reinforced.


Using time:
3-5 years
100 pcs
Packing :
1, 20ft can load 3.5ton
2, 40HQ can load 10ton
Detailed Images
grey hdpe shade sail
white wave shade sail
black sun shade sail square
red triangle shade sail carport
Uses and Benefits of sun shade sail:

1) shade for outdoor work area

2) shade for livestock and poultry

3) greenhouse coverings

4) bird netting

5) keep moisture from evaporation

6) better ventilation than woven materials

7) resists chemical sprays

8) easy to installed

Packing & Delivery
hdpe shade sail packing

(1).each pc packed into a PVC bag with a artwork inside,then several pcs packed into a


2).each pc packed into a color box.

Company Profile
wave shade sail from FENGCHENG NET
Henan FENGCHENG PLASTIC Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing and exporting many kinds of plastic product ,
such as shade net ,bird net ,insect net ,hail net and so on.

Our plastic netting is strictly in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standard .We have become the famous
brand of Chinese wire mesh and one of the largest exporters in Chinese mesh and netting circle .

Our products sell well to more than 30 provinces in China and also export to Europe, America, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa etc more than 20 countries and regions.
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D rings accessories for shade sails, can effectively fix the shade sails and prevent the impact of strong winds on it.

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