1 квт турбина Kaplan с низким напором воды, мини гидротурбина, микро гидрогенератор

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1KW Low Water Head Kaplan Turbine Mini Hydro Turbine Micro Hydro Generatorhydro turbine

Product Description

Product Features

1. Suitable for the development of low water head larger flow of water resources;

2. Appliceable to large and small head change load changes of power plant;

3. For the low head,head and power changed greatly power station,can stably under various working conditions;

4. This machine is a vertical shaft device,has the advantages of simple structure,convenient repair,equipment,low price,easy to realize the direct drive etc.

5. The Kaplan blade is generally operated by the oil pressure relay installed in the body of the runner, which can rotate according to the change of head and load, so as to maintain the optimal coordination between the Angle of the guide vane and the Angle of the blade, thus improving the average efficiency. Kaplan turbine The highest efficiency of this kind of turbine has exceeded 94%. However, this kind of kaplan turbine needs a mechanism to operate the rotation of the blade, so the structure is more complex and the cost is higher.


Product Advantages

1) Simple installation

2) The mini turgo turbine is open channel installation, which suitable for low water head.

3) Suitable for household electricity( lamp, phone charging, rice cooker, induction cooker and other ordinary appliances) every family can install one unit.

4) Output electricity based on water flow, the water flow become bigger, output electricity will be higher; when the dry season coming and water flow become smaller, the unit still can produce electricity but output electricity become lower.

5) Small size, light weight.

6) Generator winding is made by copper wire.

Product Parameters


ModelDesign head(m)Flow rate (m3/s)Power(kw)Speed(r/min)Pressure pipe size(mm)Note
GL760-LM-125-100.025-0.0380.6500-1500160permanent magnet
GL760-LM-155-100.03-0.041500-1500160permanent magnet
GL760-LM-155-100.04-0.0451.5500-1500160permanent magnet
GL760-LM-(18-20)5-100.09-0.112500-1500160permanent magnet
GL760-LM-(18-20)5-100.09-0.143500-1500160permanent magnet
GL760-LM-205-100.116-0.1565500-1500250permanent magnet
GL760-LM-205-100.116-0.15651500250permanent magnet
GL760-LM-205-100.116-0.15651000250permanent magnet

Product Pictures

 kaplan turbine  (3)kaplan turbinekaplan turbinekaplan turbine generatorhydro turbine AVR

Company Information

Main Product

Our main products included: 

1, Axial flow type turbine generators series

2,Turgo turbine generators series, e.g. vertical type and horizontal type.

3,Tubular turbine generators series, e.g. Bulb type and shaft extension type

4,Francis turbine hydro generators series

5,Impulse turbine generators series and double turbine generators series and so on.

Our Workshop

work shop

Engineering Case

hydropower plant Case


1. You are a trading company or a manufacture?

We are a hydro turbine manufacture with over 60 years of experiences, we have facilities in Zigong City, pay a visit to our factory you will know more about us.


2. How to choose a right turbine? There are so many models offering on your website. And how to calculate the turbine capacity?

Just tell me the water head, flow rate, our senior engineer will work out the solution for you. The turbine capacity: P=Flow rate(cubic meter/second) * Water head(m) * 9.8(G) * 0.8(efficiency). 


3. What information shoul I provide for getting the quotation?

We need to know water head, flow rate, voltage level, frequency, on-grid or off-grid running, automation level from you to work out the solution.


4. When my turbine shut down, who can help me solve the problem?

You are free to call me day or night at my cellphone number +8613540368205. I am sure our engineer able to fix the problem either by changing spare parts or remove something.


5.Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric power plant?

Yes, we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.


6.  How can I trust you?

Pay us via trade assurance is not a problem. And we also accept L/C. To build mutul-trust we think pay a visit to our facility is the best way.


Q7,Does your company have its own independent official website?

Of course, and we can see more information about our company and products on our official website.   website address: www.fstgenerator.com


Hydro Turbine belongs to customized products. We could design products according to your requirement. Could you give us the following parameters so that we could make a professional solution for your project.


1.Flow rate (   lit/sec or   m³/sec?)
2.Water head (    m?)    
3.Total power you need(    KW?)
4.Frequency ( 50 hz or  60 hz?)
5. Voltage(      V?)
6. On grid or off grid?
7. Voltage of transmission line if it is on grid(    V?)
8. Elevation(MSL)
9. Is it clean fresh water(with our sand, stone and silt ect,.)
By the way,could you tell me your whatsapp number(phone number) ? 

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