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selling point:

with kinds of certifications including Organic food certification

light color,mellow taste

with convenient teabag design

high mountain no pollution

cheap price and special shipping way to russian

Natural product black tartary buckwheat

Coarse food grain

Health tea
Good for Hypertension Hyperglycemia Hyperlipidemia
Detail Information:

Some information about Black Tartary Buckwheat:

Black Tartary Buckwheat is the king of the coarse food grain.

Grow on the Daliangshan with the elevation over 2200 meters.

The main ingredient of Black Tartary Buckwheat is Rutin which is very good of Diabetes and hypertension gens.

The seven major nutrient elements of Tratary Buckwheat:

1.Bioflavonoids.the main ingredient is Rutin also called V.P. It is good for improving microcirculation of human body.
2.Trace elements and Minerals.calcium elements, iron elements, phosphorus elements, cuprum elements, and zenic elements,magnesium elements etc..
3.Starch.tartary buckwheat starch.
4.Vitamine.V.B2 and V.E, V.P.
5.Cellulose.reach on 1.6%.
6.Fatty acid.


1.Whom is on diet and who want to maintain beauty keep young.
2.The fast food gens.
3.Who has the Sedentary lifestyle and the Driving gens.
4.Who is under high pressure and high mental stress.
5.The excessive drinking gens.
6.Who has the harassment of Constipation.
7.The Hypertension Hyperglycemia and Hyperlipidemia gens.

Attention: This health tea does not suit for the Hypoglycemia and Hypotension gens.


Storage method:
Put them at a cool and dry place.



Planting base




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Product Type:
free shipping organic buckwheat granule tea with non-woven teabag private label support certificated diabetes health drink 48g
buckwheat compress granule
daily health drink to lower the blood pressure and fat burning
product weight:
shelf life:
how to use:
clean the tea with boiled water 98degree  and drink after the taste out. if it is seed,you need to wait several minutes for better taste
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