HHD емкость 176 куриное яйцо, дешевый промышленный шкаф для яиц, инкубатор для продажи

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HHD Brand 176 eggs full automatic industry digital display screen egg incubator in China


  • Appearance : Color structure of aluminum alloy plate Hemming
    Feature : temperature and humidity control 
    Package: Wooden package
    Payment: Paypal, T/T, Trade Assurance
    Shipment: within 20 days working day after you make full payment
    Advantage : Combine with setter and hatcher
    chick brooder Capacity : 
    chicken eggs : 176 duck eggs : 126
    bird eggs : 442 goose eggs : 64


    brooder Feature : 

  • Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity

  • Energy can be electricity & coal

  • Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity

  • Energy-saving and environment protection

  • Easy to install, saving human resource and budget to maximize your profit

  • Automatic temperature humidity control

  • Automatic displaying temperature humidity and turning frequency on incubator controller Technical Parameter





   brooder Specification:

  • It is the deluxe version with a high quality, accurate electronic heat and humidity controller instead of the cheap and nasty waffl-plate system seen on other incubators. 

  • The incubator has a twofan cooling/heating system, with a separate air heater coil at the top and and a water heater element in the water bath below.

  • The system includes a large plastic hatching basket, which will work as a brooder for the first couple of days of the Chicks life.

  • The entire system is programmable via the control unit, which is conveniently located at the top of the incubator, and is very easy to set for optimal results.

  • We have one of these working now and it is a very good incubator, you will find the your ideal machine here

   brooder  Incubation Time  


                     ( 20-22days ) Chicken Incubation Time & Parameter
Incubation Time1 - 7 days8 - 14 days15 - 17 daysafter 18 days
Temperature Parameter37.9°C37.8°C37.5°C37.2°C
Humidity Parameter50%RH55%RH65%RH70%RH
Ventilation Parameter0.5(25)0.5(25)0.5(25)0.5(25)
Egg Turning Parameter1.5 (120)1.5 (120)1.5 (120)NO Egg Turning


How to Operate  brooder :


Under normal circumstances, you do not need to set up and may use chicken egg incubator by connecting the power supply .Egg incubator factory settings : tenperature 38°C, humidity

60%RH;cycle of egg-turning:90-minute,time of egg-turning:180 seconds;

ventilation cycle:120 minutes; ventilation time: 30 seconds


Accessory for HHD egg incubator for sale :



















About Us:



We are one of the largest manufacturer of automatic poultry egg incubator in china. All of our incubators has CE Certificate and 3 years guarantee. Specialized in the export of egg incubators for many years. At present we have agent in KENYA & TANZANIA...


Import  brooder process : 


  • We will prepare chicken egg incubator and shipment for you after payment 

  • We will give you bill of loading afteregg incubator  depart our shipping port 

  • Our shipping agent will contact you when chicken egg incubator arrival 

  • You can pick up chicken egg incubator by bill of loading . 

   brooder for sale FAQ:


Q: Hi, Is there an egg tuner with this automaic poultry incubator or do eggs have to turned by hand?


A: No,The automatic poultry incubator is full automatic egg-turning and            


     temperature humidity ventilation control.



Q :Can your automatic poultry incubator hatching rare reptile eggs ?


A : Of course.Our automatic poultry incubator can incubation snake turtle parrot quail and etc



Q: How long will your automatic poultry incubator working ? 


A : automatic poultry incubator life span is 8-12 years. 



Q:What should we do if there have problems during using ?


A:my dear friend , We have 3 years guarantee. Any automatic poultry incubator problems you have, Welcome email or call me ! We will provide our best professional service for you.


Contact us : 





 HHD Brand 176 eggs full automatic industry digital display screen egg incubator in China

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