Японские экологически чистые гофрированные картонные упаковочные бумажные коробки по отличной цене

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"Japanese quality recycled paper that has been sorted and processed"
Used paper materials with a reliable track record that have been directly distributed to major Japanese paper companies for many years



High-quality recycled paper products sorted according to raw materials and with impurities removed.


We make the following contributions through our corporate activities:

1. Cardboard
2. Magazines
3. Office paper
4. Newspapers
5. Advertisement flyers

• Reduction in refuse volume

• Forest protection
• Tackling global warming
• Energy consumption savings
• Effective use of resources
• Reduction in raw material procurement costs


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MARUYA CO.LTD is a distributor selling the products of



• Confidential document processing: with the enforcement of the state secrets protection law and the introduction of My Number, information protection is becoming more important.
We respond to the needs of offices regarding their disposal of paper waste.
• Recycling of old clothes: the old clothes collected by the administration are sorted and recycled appropriately. We also collect, sort, and recycle products from thrift shops.


• Eco life: as a specialist in offering a comfortable environment, we provide support for improving your daily life with our extensive network in Japan that boasts a global perspective, which offers environmentally friendly products in pursuit of safety and convenience as well as solar power generation and energy conservation devices for energy generation and energy saving.





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Sunshine Clean Corporation Limited Hong Kong, Matsumoto Mitsuharu Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan)


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