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The scenario

From the hill sides of Bordeaux to the Valleys of Californian, great wines are made by the same great winemakers. To attenuate the argument between old and new and to avoid a sterile war of words between different worlds, why not simply affix a signature to a wine, that of its creator, a name which will say more to the consumer than a percentage of Cabernet or Sauvignon, a face which will provide an identity more readily than the facade of a chateau. From this line of thinking was born the idea of the winemakers’ collection.

Each year, always on the same terroir the one of Chateau d'Arsac in the medoc a guest winemaker has "Carte Blanche to create the ideal wine, the nectar of his or her dreams from the work in the vineyard to the bottling Blanche" to create the ideal wine. the nectar of his or her dreams. From the work in the vineyard to the bottling operation, from the time and type of harvesting through to the maceration, this guest star makes every decision in the manufacturing process. He or she signs the wine in their sole name. Each year, an episode will be written and acted out by a different winemaker… Contact us to know more!




We sell select Spanish wine.


Label to pick just for you and your market.

We have many variety of wine and packaging.


SPANISH dry red and white wine 11% 0,75cl bottle 0,65eur /EXW SPAIN/


Quality, price, presentation and service.


Wines of a great quality with unbeatable prices and a wonderful packaging.


A reliable team of professionals at your service who control all the stages of the wine until it arrives to the final consumer.


We select the best wines, turn them into real works of art and provide them a price adapted to the more demanding markets.

We produce sweet and dry wines for any custom made wine requirements. Our production is in bulk, bottled,Brik and Bag In Box, with our brands and private labels.

We sell our own wine and also work with wineries all around Spain to offer the best product and variety.


Main markets: Europe, Asia, USA.

Multivarietal production: Tempranillo, Shiraz, Macabeo, Airen, Cabernet sauvignon,Chardonnay,Airén.

Packaging: Bottle, BIB, BRICK and Bulk in Flexitank with 22000-24000 Litres, 20" container, steel tank truck for Europe.

M0Q: 24000 Litres in bulk or 20" Container with 16800 bottles 0,75cl or 21000 BRIK 1ltr



-Table wine

-Varietal wine


-bottle bordelaise 0,75cl white,red wines


-Table Wines from Surplus Ribera and Rioja

Our best price bottle 0,75Ltr:

11% red,white dry

12%red,white dry

11% semi-dry

11% semi-sweet

11% sweet(60gr)

-Varietal wines

12% Shiraz, Merlot,Tempranillo,Cabernet Sauvignon,Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay



-10% red,rosé wine


We quote CIF price for worldwide.

Payment terms: L/C, T/T


Hope this information should be interesting for you.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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