Динамический балансировочный вольфрамовый цилиндр 18 г cc

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Product Description

Characteristics : Pine car weight/ density and hardness 17.75-18.35 

Main ingredient : W(85-97)% with the addition of nickel and copper or nickel and iron,etc.

Application : Tungsten alloy cylinders are the superior product for balancing and weighting cars.
Tungsten is 3.2 times heavier than no-lead weighting material often used on cars, thus it enables tremendous flexibility in the design of the car. Incremental it contain five 1/2 ounce cylinders, one 1/4 ounce cylinders, and two 1/8 ounce cylinders. Using the incremental cylinders, you can achieve any weight between 0 and 3 ounces in 1/8 ounce increments.

Compared with square tungsten bar, tungsten alloy cylinder is more popular because machining and production is easier. It is more easier to take it from the mold after press which means less damage. Moreover, it is more suitable for further machining. 



Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight 
Ø3.0 aboveCustomized Customized
We can custom all sizes!






1. competitive price.
2. High density.
3. High thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion coefficient
4. High vibration-damping capacity and high Young's modulus.
5. High oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance
6. Higher high-temperature strength and thermal shock resistance



Application industry

Tungsten and Molybdenum are high temperature resistant metal, with good thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature strength, low vapor pressure and wear resistance, and they are the important materials of the electronic power equipment manufacturing, metal material processing industry, glass manufacturing, high temperature furnace parts manufacturing, aerospace and defense industry application.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packaging details: 

1. Packing with moisture-proof paper; 
2. Packing with Kraft paper; 
3. Packing with foam plastics in all sides;
4. Packing products in standard wooden cases.


Shipping terms :

We could offer shipping by sea, by air and express such as Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL etc.

We have cooperated with these express companies for many years with a big discount.

We will compare the offer and choose the best one for you .

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