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Technical parameter:
Wafer roll packing line
Feeding style
Feeding lane
Depends on capacity
Line speed
Depends on capacity
Adapted packaging machine model
SZ180, SZ160, SW60, ZW100E, ZW320E, ZW320ET, ZW500S, ZW580S etc.
Packing speed
Material in contact product
SUS304 stainless steel and food approval
Body frame
*Carbon steel with painted surface
*SUS304 stainless steel (Optional)
Power supply time
220V 1Ph 50Hz
The Wafer roll packing line automatically distributes up to several thousand products per minute to various individual flow wrapping machines. Work with bakery production line to achieve no worker contact and interference and high efficiency.
Application  Industry:
The Wafer roll packing line can accommodate a wide variety of products from your processing line, including:
l Rice roll
l Rice biscuit
l Wafer stick
l Wafer roll
l Beef roll
l Hard candy
l Marshmallow
l Sanitary machine design allows for easy clean-up
l Reliable Control system
l Robust machine construction
l Various width belt available
l No product, no pack
The Wafer roll packing line including main feeding unit, side sorting unit, transition feeding unit, dynamic baffle plate, auto feeding unit, control system and packing machine, through the sensor detection to achieve continuous production, low rejection rate, beautiful packaging effect

The Wafer roll packing line can be directly integrated to a variety of customer processes including:
l Cooling tunnels
l Guillotines/slitters/cutting machines
l Ovens
l Spiral freezers

Customized feeding style 

Feeding lane and line speed depends on capacity;
Distributes up to several thousand products per minute to various individual flow wrapping machines.

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