Система строительных лесов cuплок

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cuplock scaffolding system

cuplock scaffolding system Description

cuplock scaffolding system

48#Ringlock Model
NameModelSize(MM)MaterialUnit Weight(KG)
Vertical poleB-PG20048*3.2*200Q355B1.89
Vertical poleA-PG-50048*3.2*500Q355B3.45
Vertical poleA-PG-100048*3.2*1000Q355B5.90
Vertical poleA-PG-150048*3.2*1500Q355B8.00
Vertical poleA-PG-200048*3.2*2000Q355B


Vertical poleA-PG-250048*3.2*2500Q355B12.50
Horizontal Bar Data
Horizontal barA-SG-30048*2.75*250Q235B


Horizontal bar A-SG-60048*2.75*550Q235B2.30
Horizontal bar A-SG-90048*2.75*850Q235B3.40
Horizontal bar A-SG-120048*2.75*1150Q235B4.30
Horizontal bar A-SG-150048*2.75*1450Q235B5.20
Horizontal bar A-SG-180048*2.75*1750Q235B6.00
Inclined Rod Data
Inclined RodA-XG-600Φ1500*600Q1955.2
Inclined RodA-XG-900Φ1500*900Q1955.5
Inclined RodA-XG-1200Φ1500*1200Q1956
Inclined RodA-XG-1500Φ1500*1500Q1956.5
Inclined RodA-XG-1800Φ1500*1800Q1957
Adjustable Bracket Data
Head Jack48 series38*600*5Q235B4.5
Base Jack48 series38*600*5Q235B3.7

cuplock scaffolding system system

cuplock scaffolding system

cuplock scaffolding system Details

cuplock scaffolding system

cuplock scaffolding system advantage

cuplock scaffolding systemcuplock scaffolding system
cuplock scaffolding system

Factory show

cuplock scaffolding system

Finished goods inventory

cuplock scaffolding system

Factory profile

cuplock scaffolding system


cuplock scaffolding system

Strength Factory, Quality Assurance

NANXIANG is mainly engaged in the production, processing, sales and leasing of disc buckles, coiled crossbars, hot-dip galvanized diagonal rods, hot-dip galvanized hollow screws, cuplock scaffolding system,scaffolding accessories, pedals, ladders, etc. Wait. It can provide professional formwork scaffolding, temporary facility support solutions and construction contracting services for civil engineering, energy chemical industry, ship aviation industry, large-scale cultural and sports events, and large-scale sports events at home and abroad. Products can be widely used in construction roads and bridges, municipal engineering, energy and chemical industry, aviation and shipbuilding industry, large-scale cultural and sports activities and other facilities.The company has a complete and scientific quality management system, and integrity, strength and product quality are among the best in the industry. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.


At the same time, our scaffolding adopts the whole hot-dip galvanizing process to replace the traditional scaffolding painting process, which has better anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions, which greatly prolongs the service life and safety of scaffolding. With excellent product quality, good reputation, and thoughtful and meticulous service, our products have won praise and trust from domestic and foreign markets. "Customer Satisfaction My Pursuit" is the company's service tenet.

Why choose us: Professional quality, rich experience, let your enterprise create great value! 

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