Высококачественная автоматическая линия по производству гофрированного картона 3,5,7 слоев/машина для упаковки картонных коробок/гофрирования

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Product Description
Fully automatic 3 5 7 ply corrugated cardboard production line/carton packaging machine Fully automatic 3 5 7 ply corrugated cardboard production line/carton packaging machine

Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

The machine is designed for holding and fixing natural paper, and providing paper for produce whose main specification between 1600mm and 2200mm. This machine could meet different demands of our customers.
Single facer
Adopting outside absorb non-scorched V-shape low noise decentralization fan. We have rotation equipment and the space between adhesive wheel and down flute, manual linkage venire regulation and showing by pointer tray. Scorched and serum tray air-power raising and lowering, electric separation serum equipment( electric machine installation outside of left and right) in order to clean conveniently; it always can latitudinal shift-out and convenient to maintain. Electric machine work synchronous with above bridge traction and the main electric machine with frequency conversion control.
Double Glue Machine
Double Glue Machine is a machine to scorch for top of the single flute paper and have different specification choices. The surface cylindrical grinding hard chrome polished treatment which could prolong the use life

Double facer

Double facer is attached by machine sizing paste into the hotplate heating after molding and then cooled by cooling to form the paper board. The whole machine girder of double –sided machine adopted heavy type channel steel system, good rigidity, stable system, aesthetic appearance. Designed to canvass belt on the left and right device for automatic correction, making sure the canvass belt stable in working and the air pressure automatic control tightness.

Slitter Scorer

Adopting the famous variable-frequency converter of motor and keep in the same step as the production line with high precision.
The auto-milling system can achieve the purpose of blade milling without halt during the process of production. The milling system can also set up the interval length and grinding time according to materials or the situation of trimming at any time.

Computer Cut-off

The structure of the machine are special, strength excellent, high degree of accuracy, high hardness grinding gear, special high precision knife rest, cutting quickly and very stable, lower noise. Machine framework, the master all by precision designed, stable, elegant appearance. Having special tool setting system, cutting knife timing saving both time and labor. The system has a function to automatic test, and prevention equipment damage for abnormal use and operation negligence. The important bearing of machine is export from Japan. 
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