60x60x28 мм 60 мм 6028 5 в 12 В 24 в постоянный ток осевой вентилятор охлаждения 12 В воздуходувка центробежный вентилятор

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60x60x28mm 60mm 6028 5V 12V 24V DC axial fan cooling 12v blower centrifugal fan

Product Description


centrifugal fan

61x57x28mm 24v dc 12v fan blower


1.     The parameters listed above are for reference.

2.     Individual specification will be according to approval sheet provided or customers’requirement.



Q: How many workers do you have and how many production lines do you own ?

A: We have 207 workers in normal time, we employ more workers in peak season, about 250 workers.  

We own 7 production lines.


Q: What’s bearing type do you have and what is their lifetime difference?

A: We have sleeve bearing, hydraulic sleeve bearing and dual ball bearing. If sleeve fan, the lifetime is 25000hours, if hydraulic sleeve bearing, the lifetime is 30000hours, if ball bearing, the lifetime is 50000hours.


Q: Can you customize required fan or blower?

A: Of course, we have a professional engineering team which can design and develop new fans or blowers according to customer’s requirements.


Q: Can my order ship via UPS or DHL or FedEx or by Air or By Sea? And where is my order ship ?

A: Yes, we can ship. All orders ship from our factory warehouse.


Q: What is your MOQ and lead time ?

A: Our MOQ is 1K. Lead time depends on the order’s quantity, below 50K, the lead time is 15 working days; if over 50K, the lead time is 20 working days.


If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and send your message to us.



Lishi Industrial Zone, Qiaoli Village, Changping town,

Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China

TEL: (+86)769 8366 0708  

FAX: (+86)769 8366 0718

Web site: http://www.d-fan.com.cn

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