3 в 1 пожарная станция для кемпинга с компасом и свистком

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Hot sale fire starter

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Product Description:



3 in 1 firesteel camping firelighter with compass & whistle LM-3C

Flint Size

8 x 73MM


Ferrocerium, Magnesium, other Rare Metal


Fire Starter with Compass Whistle

Customized Logo

Laser Engraving / Silk Screen Printing

Flint lasts for

Over 10,000 times

Strike lasts for

Over 12,000times

Best for

Camping, Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Sports, Bushcarft, Jungle Life


Poly bag, ziplock bag or custom box, etc.

Shipping Time

2 days for 1000pcs




3 in 1 firesteel camping firelighter with compass & whistle


Fire-starter with compass whistle works even when wet and cold.


Using Process:


1).Remove paint on new fire-starter with striker or knife.

2).Pull striker (with text up) or knife slowly and firmly down length of fire-starter.

3).Sparks easily ignites a stove, BBQ, paper, dry grass, barks or tinder dust.




1. Life saving fire starters come with a neck cord, and will start a fire in damp conditions. 
2. A big bar of solid magnesium with a striker.  
Shave the flint rod with your striker into a pile of grass, paper, leaves, etc to start a campfire! 
4. If your venturing into the brush in unfamiliar country, you'll definetely want to carry one of these life savers


Product Description:


Best Outdoor Hiking Backpacking Solid Fire Rod Survival Flint Fire Starter is a reliable life-saving tool,and indispensable for all the people who living in outdoors. The survival experts all over the world recommend it because of its amazing making-fire function.
Each fire starter can be used thousands times, the temperature can be Fahrenheit 5400( about Celsius 2982) after litted.Sately and easily carry


Application: Best Outdoor Hiking Backpacking Solid Fire Rod Survival Flint Fire Starter is used as the firestarters or fire starter in scouting and camping, sparking entertainment, clockwork toys, strikers for welding torches, etc., it is the best compact firestarter we can easily use, plus its dependability,made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. It works equally well when wet or dry. Swedish Fire Steel has even found its way into cabins and backyards as a fool-proof way to light stoves and gas-barbecues. 


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