Zhongtian coldпластырь coldmix цветной асфальтовый цемент

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Product Description

good performance good technology road cold tar asphalt for sale


    Cold cold tar asphalt for sale mixture is a high-tech road repairing material that can be used around the clock and is suitable for repairing various types of road surfaces in any weather and environment, such as asphalt concrete roads, cement concrete roads, parking lots, airport runway, etc. It has been widely used in the world for its simple operation, long storage, good repair quality, traffic can be opened immediately after construction, wide use and environmental protection.


    Zhongtian pit repair technology meets the requirements of fast, timely and all-weather. With fast construction speed, easy operation and the advantages of construction in winter and rain and snow.







    Advantages of Zhongtian good performance good technology road cold tar asphalt for sale;

    1. The construction process is simple, no need to heat or stir when repairing.

    2. Suitable for all weather and environment.

    3. Social benefits are significant. The repairing is in time, and the traffic can be opened timely after the repair, which greatly relieves the traffic pressure.

    4, Easy to store. Cold repair material packed with bag can be stored for more than 3 years.

    5, Permanent repair, and no maintenance for at least 3 years.

    6. The repair quality is excellent. Asphalt cold-filling materials have excellent anti-aging and bonding properties and do not require repeated repairs.

    7,100% environmental friendly.

    8, High material utilization rate, low repair cost, ready to use according to the actual amount, the remaining materials can continue to be used in the next repair, no waste of materials, the real 100% utilization.

    9, A wide range of applications, can be widely used in the repair and maintenance of various roads.


User Guide


Construction steps for Zhongtian good performance good technology road cold tar asphalt for sale;


    Zhongtian good performance good technology road cold tar asphalt for sale can be widely used in municipal roads, general roads, highways, parking lots, airport runways, tunnel damage of road asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavement, ruts, municipal road tunneling, repaired pavement, bridge expansion joints, heavy load pavement , repair and maintenance of road traffic and special road.




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Company Information



    Zhongtian Road-Tech establishes a joint laboratory with Beihang University, and has two production bases in Hebei, with an annual output of 60,000 tons of rubber asphalt, 2,000 tons of HVA high viscosity modifier, 3,000 tons of anti-rutting agent, 5,000 tons of pavement crack sealant, 10,000 tons of cold cold tar asphalt for sale mixture.


    We wins more than 30 patents and formulates 8 standards for China's transportation industry. The leaders win the China National Science and Technology Progress Award and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.


Certificates & Honor



    Beijing Zhongtian Road-Tech Co.,Ltd. is the Board of Directors of China Transportation Association and Transportation Committee of China Technological Market Association, with expert technical R&D team, continuous innovation ability, rich engineering experience and sufficient capacity. Also we participated in designated road material industry standard certificates.



    Beijing Zhongtian Road-Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional cold cold tar asphalt for sale mixture manufacturer, providing roadphalt all-weather cold paving material, cold mix and cold tar asphalt, patching road cold tar asphalt mixture, bitumen mixture, cold asphalt tackifier, cold mixture bitumen.

Application Cases




1, Welcome customers to come to our factory for inspection. (we have a joint laboratory with Beihang University, and has two production bases in Hebei)

2, We are not afraid to compare performance with similar products. ( we masters domestic leading road materials and new technologies, and some are at the international advanced level)

3, Welcome customers to our engineering case to do on-site inspection. (Our products have been applied in major engineering projects at home and abroad, including Chang'an Avenue, the China’s National First Road, Beijing Third Ring Road, Ethiopian AA highway pavement, etc. They’re highly recognized by customers.)



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