Высококачественные Аксессуары для мясорубки износостойкий острый шлифовальный станок

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meat grinder flat plate

High Quality Meat Grinder Accessories Wear Resistant Sharp Grinder Plate Hub


Sharp Grinder Plate Hub



stainless steel
surface-brightening, polish
Processed form
orging, casting or others
sharp ,finish , shining, durable , hard , anti-rust


ModelMaterialHardnessDianeterThicknessCenter hole
#32-2  flat plateSS42052-55HRC99.6±0.19.6±0.213.2±0.1
#32-3 flat plateSS42052-55HRC   
#32-3.5 flat plateSS42052-55HRC   
#32-4.5 flat plateSS42052-55HRC   
#32-6 flat plateSS42052-55HRC   
#32-8 flat plateSS42052-55HRC   
#32-10 flat plateSS42052-55HRC   






Fenghua Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company manufacturing food machinery and components. 15 years of quality work, leading industrial competence and committed Zuoyue people have resulted in Chinese competitive meat mincers, grinders, chopper knife blades and plates. 90% of our products are OEM made, exported to Europe, North America and the Middle East for major brands.

Zuoyue is close to customers. We respond to customers' requests in a fast and efficient manner. From initial design phase to final mass production, all optimized work-flows are customer-centered and in line with quality and cost control. Zuoyue is proud of high customer satisfaction rate and ISO9001 certification.

We make the best-engineered knife blades and plates. The model numbers include #5, #7, #8, #10, #12, #22, #32, #42, #52 and #56. The materials include Stainless Acid Resistant Steel, Alloy Tool Steel and Plain Carbon Steel. Millions of knife blades and plates made by our CNC machine tools are working quietly and flawlessly.

Zuoyue is headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. We expect you, worldwide customers to contact us, visit us, and do business with us..jpg



1.Q:What's the Best Price You Can offer?
A:The best price depends on the order quantity,please leave us a message with your purchase details sush as Quantity, Specification etc.We will respond you within 24 hours


2.Q:How Can I Pay?
A:We accept our customers pay by Credit Card,T/T ( Bank Transfer),West Union, Money Gram, Paypal or other payment terms


3.Q:How Can I Get Protected If I Trade With You Company?
A.We are a legal and registered company in China.We are also Paid Members of Alibaba.
B.You are welcomed to use Alibaba Trade Assurance Order which can give you a full protection.
C.You are also welcomed use Secure Payment of Alibaba for small Orders.


4.Q:Do you provide OEM Service?
A:Yes.We are a proffesional MANUFACTURER in this industry. We are providing full solution for OEM clients.

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