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Product Description

NEUROPHET tES LAB is the powerful research software for the computational study to predict and analyze the simulation effect of tDCS/tACS.

It can analysis the effect field (EF) distribution and magnitude through the finite element method (FEM) in a personalized brain model. It can be applied to find the optimal stimulation parameters. All steps are automated to reduce the inconvenience of manual operations and the operation time from hours to minutes. It can be applied in various fields such as neurology, medical imaging, neuromodulation, rehabilitation medicine, psychiatry, and sports science.

Main Features

-\tFully automatic segmentation

Using T1-weighted MRI data, the AI engine segments it automatically. Even skin and skulls that are crucial factors for tDCS can be segmented.

-\tPersonalized 3D model generation

The automatic brain modeling engine generates a 3D individual brain model based on the MRI data segmentation. This will increase accuracy in positioning electrodes and result in better stimulation effects.

-\tElectrode customizing

Users can customize electrodes in sizes, shapes, numbers and position with just a few clicks. Selecting types of stimulation by tDCS/tACS/tDCS Optimization/10-20 System-based Optimization is also available.

-\t10-20 system support

After specify four landmarks, User can set experimental conditions using the 10-20 system on various channels. (16ch/32ch/64ch)

-\tStimulation effect prediction and result analysis

The high-speed simulation engine visualizes the generated stimulation effect in the brain quickly and accurately. It allows users to confirm the intensity and activation/inhibition effects on the stimulation parameters.

-\tStimulation optimization

The powerful simulation engine determines conditions that effectively stimulate the brain's stimulation target.


Supported MRI data format

Image format
NIfTI – 1 (file extension : .nii)
Structural MRI (T1-weighted)
Slice thickness


Coronal ≤ 1.0 mm

Sagittal ≤ 1.0 mm

Axial ≤ 1.6 mm
Field Strength


Validated devices and protocols of MRI

Signa HDxt 1.5T
Intera 1.5T
Intera 3T

Ingenia 3T
Skyra 3T

Verio 3T


- Hardware Specification

Our Company

NEUROPHET leads the advanced neuroscience technologies and contributes to conquering diverse brain diseases for a better quality of life. We develop practical AI medical solutions enabling to apply them to medical and research fields.

The advanced brain segmentation and modeling technology 'AI-powered NEUROPHET SegEngine' was begun from 'The next generation neuronavigation system' project of GIST, one of the major research institutes in Korea, in 2010. Our unparalleled technology is applied to the various NEUROPHET's products such as the neuromodulation research software and the neurological diagnosis software.

As a global healthcare enterprise, NEUROPEHT is dedicated to expanding our business throughout the world and maintaining a reliable reputation by improving technologies.

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