Косметический 99% белый вазелин CAS 8009-3-8 поставщик

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Products Description

Product name
 Petroleum jelly
Molecular formula

Rejuvenate your skin with the original
It gives you smooth and even looking skin avoiding dryness and preventing pore clogging.
It reaches your deepest skin cells and locks in the moisture giving you nourished and healthy skin. Whether its your heels, lips or your hands, the effective skin protectant keeps your skin from chapping, windburns, scrapes, and cuts. It is specially designed for itchy dry skin and is ideal to use during the harsh winter season.


Soften the skin

If the skin is chapped, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly before sleeping, put on gloves or socks wrapped in a sleep, up will find much better,

Moist lips

Apply some petroleum jelly to your lips before going to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, you'll find that all the dead skin is gone.

Accelerate wound healing

Apply a layer of petroleum jelly after cleaning the wound to speed up the healing process.Do not immediately apply petroleum jelly after scald,should first flush cold water to dissipate heat.

 Reduce split ends

Petroleum jelly is beneficial for solving hair problems of losing luster, becoming dry and breaking easily. It can moisten hair quickly, which makes the hair looks bright and reduces split ends after applying a layer of petroleum jelly to your hair.

Soothing baby's eczema

Applying a layer of petroleum jelly can lock in the moisture in the skin, which is very effective in alleviating eczema.Many mothers say it's better to give your baby a moisturizer and then a petroleum jelly moisturizer.

Why Choose Us



Q:Why choose us?
A:Supporting direct order, organic certification, pollution-free certification and other qualifications, strict quality inspection,safe and exquisite packaging/ Best quality, competitive price, ISO9001, HACCP, HALA, GREEN FOOD, ZTC certificates,enough stocks and strict quality control system.

Q:How is your quality control?
A:From the very beginning to the very end, National Commodity Inspection and Testing Bureau, Authority Third-party Testing institution, QA, ISO, Guarantee our quality.

Q:Can you provide OEM service?
A:Yes. Sure. More details if the OEM service please contact us at any time.

Q:What payment method do you support? and logistics?
A:We support Paypal, wire T/T and credit card. We will choose express or logistics according to your quantity.

Please feel free to contact us,for more details,

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