Tenet умные киоски-диспенсеры для игральных карт для гаража

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Product Description

Tenet smart Playing card dispenser vending machine for parking garage ticket machine

Product name
Card dispenser 
Operating voltage
24VDC(MAX current2A, static current 0.1A)
Working temperature
-30℃ to 70℃
Working relative humidity
paper and polyester cards.
Dispensing time
about 0.5S
Card capability
 150pcs, 120pcs capability for adding one grade

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Main Features

what is the key feature of the card dispenser ?
1. Industrial grade design, adapt to various harsh environments such as high, low temperature and dust
2.Special design of RFIDcard
3. Automatic card collection, 40 cartridges with full capacity alarm function
4. Use for 0.3mm~1.5mm thickness card
5. Pre-carding function, using the time waiting for the customer to use the pre-carding setting to ensure that the user can get the card without fail.
6.Supports I/O port and RS232 control
7. Card-reading function, no need to read the card again after the card-issuing machine is out of the card
8. Auto alarm of fault

9. Take the card to open the gate function, the user will remove the card and the relevant gate will open, and the card will not open the gate.

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