Геомембрана 1 мм, пластиковые рулоны HDPE

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Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls



Product Description

Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls


Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls

HDPE liners are the widely used geomembrane products and the essential lining system for the efficient use of water resources due to their features of lowest permeability, excellent anti-seepage and ultra stress crack capacity. Water containment facilities like storage reservoirs, artificial lake and canals need reliable and durable protection from leakage because seepage is the main factors causing water loss.  For the strongest preservation of the natural water, BPM offers a wide selection of geomembranes such as smooth geomembrane linertextured geomembrane HDPE liner and composite geomembrane liner which are ideally reliable and durable lining system suited for water containment.


Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls

When you want to choose waterproof material as your pool base,what is the key points you mostly care about,nothing but the following points:

Cost calculation


Elongation and tensile strength

Width and length per roll

Weather and UV resistance


 Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls

Taking these into consideration,we recommend BPM HDPE geomembrane,which has all the advantages and popularly used in a lot of applications,to be the priority choice among waterproof materials.


Let us introduce our product as follow:



 aquaculture  pond liner.jpg

BPM HDPE Geomembrane Description

Made from high density Polyethylene by blow film process

Thickness from 0.3~3.0mm. Width : 4~7m. Length as customer demand. 

Density: more than 0.94g/cm3 


BPM HDPE Geomembrane Thickness



BPM HDPE Geomembrane Characteristics

1. Good flexibility 

2. For service temperature range:-70°C~110°C 

3. Corrosion resistance, aging resistance 

4. Excellent environmental stress cracking resistance property 

5. High tensile strength and elongation 


 HDPE Sheet Geomembrane Roll,Polyethylene HDPE Black Membrane.jpg

Benefits of BPM HDPE aquaculture waterproof membrane

1.Environmental friendly non-toxic.

2.Construction cost lower than cement base.

3.Much more smooth than cement base,fish and shrimps are not liable to be injured.

4.Easy to install and remove the waste in pond.

5.The black membrane is preferred due to its lightproof and absorption of heat,restraining the grass from destroying the membrane while keeping warm for the creatures.


Geomembrane Project

HDPE Liner for Philippines General Santos Shrimp Farm 


 Our philippines client has big shrimp farmland in General Santos,pond area is appromixtely 53000m2.

General santos is famous for its aquaculture industry,rich in various fish and shrimp products.

pond design 1.jpg


Half a year before the completion of the pond, they inquired us the 0.5mm hdpe liner for budget calculation.

They expect lifespan of the hdpe liner is 7 years.ASTM 500micron hdpe liner will be the most suitable thickness.We supplied them competitive price of HDPE liner and meanwhile expressed sample for the quality confirmation.Their technical personnel checked our quality ok.

During the half year,relying on our many years aquaculture equipment experience,we also offered to client one full package of service,such as other equipment,blower and areator,etc.




After half a year construction,all the bottom is cleaned and prepared .

They purchased one full 40HQ container of 0.5mm HDPE liner,totally in 58500m2.

Roll Size,5.8m*100m,Net weight per roll is 272KG. 

Out of trust in us,they also bought the blower and areator from us.

Below is our geomembrane container in Client's farmland.They hired a crane to unload the hdpe liner rolls from the container.

geomembrane unload.jpg





Packaging & Shipping

Factory Show 

hdpe geomembrane process.jpg

geomembrane  film blowing.jpg

Technical Index

PropertiesTest MethodTest Value
Maximum Deviation of thickness   -15%
Tensile Properties(min.ave)  

Yiled Strength;

Break Strength

Yiled Elongation                                              12%
Break Elongation                                              700%
Tear Resistance(min.ave)D100493N125N156N187N249N311N374N
Puncture Resistance(min.ave)D4833240N320N400N480N640N800N960N
Carbon Black Content(range)D4218   2.0-3.0%
Oxidative Induction Time(OIT)(min.ave) Standard OITD3895100min
Oven Aging at 85℃ Standard OIT(min.ave.)-% retained after 90 days   D5721    D3895  55%
UV Resistance High Pressure OIT(min.ave)-% retained after 1600hrsD3895  D588550%

 geomembrane package.jpg

Company Information

 HDPE Sheet Dam Liner.png

Our Services

 Welding Machines for Sale

geomembrane welding  machines.jpg

 Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls



 frequent questions about the geomembane pond liner.jpg


Contact Detail



Geomembrane 1mm for Dam and Landfill HDPE Liner Plastic Rolls


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