Garden Grow Bags 3 Gallon Pots Container Garden Potato Felt Grow Bag

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Product Description


Gallon Base Diameter(cm)   Height(cm)  Color     Handle FabricWeight   Unit/Pack
 1galon  15 19 Black NO 260G   25
 2galon  21 21 Black NO 260G 25
3galon  2522 Black NO 260G 25
5galon  28 26 Black YES 260G 10
5galon  28 26 Black YES 260G 10
7galon  35 30 Black YES 280G 10
10galon  40 30 Black YES 280G 10
15galon 43 38 Black YES300G 10
25galon 53 42 Black YES 300G 10
35galon  60 45 Black YES 320G 10
45galon  68.5 45.5 Black YES 320G 10
 65galon  8145.5 Black YES 320G 5

Applicable occasions of products
Widely used in greenhouses, plant factories, greenhouse planting, flower planting, indoor gardens, farms, potted plants, nursery outdoor and so on. It is suitable for any growth stage of plants and is effective for soilless or soilless cultivation.

Product Usage Method:
1. Choose the suitable planting bag according to six times the diameter of the plant, and then open the bag.

2. Fill 1/3 of the bag with the required soil or prepared matrix.

3. Place the plants in the middle of the bag and continue to fill the soil evenly.

4. Watering while filling and consolidating the soil or matrix to 3-5CM at the mouth of the bag;

5. According to the different characteristics of plants, adjust the plant spacing to complete the planting task.

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