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AHUALYN Hight quality Energy Supplement Raw Material Whey Protein Powder


  AHUALYN Energy Supplement Whey Protein Powder 

Whey protein powder is a precious protein isolated from milk using advanced technology. It is not only easy to digest, but also has high biovalence, high efficiency, high protein efficacy ratio and high utilization rate. It is a fine product in protein. 
It contains all essential amino acids required by the human body, and its amino acid composition pattern is almost exactly the same as that of skeletal muscle, which is extremely easy to be absorbed by the human body.

Product name: Whey Protein


Appearance: Light Yellow to White Powder

Storage Temperature: Below 25°C

Brix (%): Free sugar

Packaging: Bag, Bulk, Drum

Effects: Nutrient Additives

1.Good gel agglutinative property to hold water, flavor and sugar of food by gel texture of protein; give products better
elasticity, improve texture and slice up capability of products.

2.Good water preserving capability to preserve water and gravy of meat products, keep the taste and flavor of meat products; enhance water absorption of baked food and pastry, hold water of food, reduce shrinkage and prolong its freshness date.

3.Good emulsification to accelerate the forming of oil-water emulsion, prevent oil droplets from massing, stabilize the state of emulsification. This can increase the output capacity of products, reduce product costs, and make the preserving capability ofwater and oil 1:4:4 (1 unit of protein can absorb 4 unit of water and 4 unit of oil or fat).

4.Good liquidity, high viscosity etc.




1. Whey Protein is for anyone who desires additional protein in their daily diet.
2. Whey Protein can be formulated into a number of products including, but not limited to, Beverages, Bars and Yoghurts.
3. Building Muscles. * Providing Natural Antioxidants.
4. Designed to deliver full spectrum protein fractions and microfractions.



1. It can be used to raise the yield of meat products, check condensation of tiny oil and water drops, prevent fat and water
2. It can be added to such solid drinks as oatmeal, coffee mate, soy milk powder peanut milk powder, cocoa milk powder, walnut milkpowder, fermented yogurt, juice milk powder, etc.
3. It can also be added to cold drinks (such as ice cream) to reduce the production costs


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