Высококачественные звуконепроницаемые беруши для сна с логотипом на заказ, безопасные шумоподавляющие беруши из полиуретана

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Product Description

Product Features
H2.4CM, D1.2CM


【Product Property】
Bullet profile design, smooth surface by anti-pollution treatment, wearing health, safety, soft and comfortable, good sound
【Product Advantages】
Long rebound, good flexibility, foam products even , uniform structure, smooth surface without adhesive, noise effective

【Product Packing】
1 pair/ bag, 200 bags/boxes 20boxes/cart0n
Packaging can be customized according to customer requirements
【Direction of Use】
Take out the earplug, with the index finger and thumb to rub fine;
The other hand will be brought out stuffed up ears (this is important) and hold, then rub the small earplug round towards ears,
stuffed them;
Hand on earplug until the earplug swelling shape is completely in the ear.(about last 30)

【Production capacity】
We have a strong production capacity, output up to 20 million pairs everyday. Delivery time is short. Conventional color products
in stock. (Orange and yellow as conventional color)

Low rebound and anti-noise earplug is a one-time products which can not wash and reuse

【How to identify the quality earplug】
1.Low rebound effect
If it is too flexible, anti-noise earplug swelling suppression the canal skin, can cause ear swelling, earache and other
discomfort. Flexibility can not be too small to close contact with the external ear canal, noise effect will be reduced. So we
must observe ear plug and play back the return time, the better the quality.

Flexibility directly affects the comfort level of wearing earplugs.

3.Surface texture
Some earplugs feel sticky, they will stick the ear canal skin when you worn on. We should avoid buying. The best way to identify
is sticking two earplugs together closely then separating them. The separation time is the sooner the better.

The company can be customized according to customer specifications, color and packaging of products. Welcome new
and old customers to consult and discuss with us.

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