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Best sell in amazon germanium tourmaline thermal korea

massage jade mattress pad


1 Jade seat cushion.jpg



Select natural jade, cut, polish and polish it into 25-40 mm diameter jade seeds, environmental friendly adhesive system, natural jade cushion has strong heat storage, fast and even heating, good warmth preservation, comfortable use of warm effect, four levels of warm in winter and cool in summer.


Germanium is a kind of health care stone synthesized by artificial germanium powder and many kinds of mineral powder which are beneficial to human body. Germanium heating cushion has the advantages of fast heating, uniform heating, strong heat storage, good warmth preservation, and can be used in winter, summer and cool seasons.


Sticky seed cushion has high cost performance and grade. It can be used for office and home use. The jade seed of the cushion has high arrangement density, smooth surface, good polish and comfortable use.



Product name

Heated Jade seat cushion


Germanium stone

Product process


Fabric material

Leather – p05 patterned leather



Jade NO.

121 pieces

Jade diameter

2.5 cm

Jade color


Heating temperature

Ambient temperature -70 ℃


3.5 kg


Cloth bag& carton

Packing size


Health benefits

Rich in a variety of mineral elements etc.


3 Jade seat caushion.jpg 5 Jade seat caushion.jpg



Safe and durable, long service life


Improve microcirculation, ideal antibacterial property, dredge meridian


Digital display temperature controller, optional temperature adjustment, adjust the temperature you need at will


The fabric has soft luster, soft hand feel, wear resistance, deformation resistance and color fastness


Multi range temperature control, intelligent constant temperature, ergonomics, non slip fabric, natural material




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1. Q:What’s the location of your factory?

    A:We locate in Xiuyan area, Liaoning Province.

   2. Q:Where is your sea port?

    A:Our nearest port is Dalian port.

3. Q:MOQ?

   A:Our MOQ is 1 set.

4. Q:How about your packing?

   A:Our Packing is dust bag and carton.

5. Q:Is possible to visit your factory?

   A:Yes, welcome to our factory for investigation.

6. Q:Can you print our logo on the product?

   A:Yes, if the order quantity can meet our MOQ.

7. Q:How about the sample delivery time? Mass cargo delivery time?

   A:Sample time: 2-4 days after order. Mass cargo time:3-7 days after order.

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