Запуск CNC-603A CNC-603C Топливная форсунка тестера для чистки автомобиля машина стендовых испытаний оборудования

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LAUNCH CNC-603A CNC-603C Fuel Injector Tester Car Cleaning Machine Test Bench Equipment



CNC603A 603C


Product overview

• new plastic mold

• mechanical and electrical products combined with ultrasonic cleaning technology and micro processor oil pressure control cleaning and testing technology. 

• various conditions of the engine can be simulated to clean and test the fuel injection nozzle of the car, and also to clean the fuel injection nozzle and the oil supply system of the car.

CNC603A 603C 1 


Product parameters

Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz / 60Hz

     AC110V ± 10% 50Hz / 60Hz

Input power: 230W

Cleaning power: 100W

Speed range: 10 ~ 9990 rpm; steps: 10 rpm

Time range: 1 ~ 9999s

Pulse width range: 0.5 ~ 25 milliseconds; Step size: 0.1 milliseconds

Fuel tank capacity: 4700mL

Dimensions: 300*395*475 (mm)

Machine weight: 25kg

CNC603A 603C 2CNC603A 603C 3 


Functional features

Ultrasonic strong cleaning technology, strong cleaning ability, no removal cleaning;

Uniformity and atomization testing, sealing testing, oil injection testing, automatic cleaning testing;

Microcomputer pressure regulating control technology, stable oil pressure, wide adjustable range, can adapt to the car equipped with various gasoline injection system, and can realize the nozzle cleaning test automation;

Microcomputer automatic control and digital display technology can automatically control the cleaning and testing process and monitor the main state parameters in real time.

Automatic oil discharge control technology can realize automatic oil discharge through program in some testing items or manually discharge oil through control panel after testing.


CNC-603C Multi languages can be chosen: English and Chinese

CNC-603A Multi languages can be chosen: English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese,Traditional Chinese

CNC603C 3CNC603C 9CNC603C 7CNC603C 6CNC603C 1 


Product advantage

Innovative three-in-one design, the host, joint box, cleaning box into one;According to the color of the joint, easy to use;Plastic pipe instead of the original glass pipe, transport and use more convenient and safe; It's more compact.

CNC603C 8CNC603C 2


Packing & Delivery

Packing size: 415*365*505mm

Delivery: By air, sea……

CNC603C Packing

Compare with CNC-602A packing:



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