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Product Paramenters
Direct GRP to Prefabricated Fame work
Direct GRP Box
Dry Freight Truck Body

Rising demand for internet delivery, courier express services or high-quality electrical appliances – goods demanding secure handling are perfectly stored in the dry freight Logistics. The box body with a two-wing portal or a roller shutter protects your freight against unauthorised access much more effectively than a tarpaulin. The side walls are made of weight-optimised sandwich composite panels like FRP and XPS composite panel, Composite plywood panels, Composite Honeycomb light plastic panels , etc. A continuous, galvanised, bolted steel chassis ensures stability.

Your Benefits:

1.Modular system for cost-efficient, application-specific trailer equipment
2. Optimum equipment for our services with roller shutter, light roof and tail lift.
3. Long service life and retained value of your trailer
4. Our Dry Freight logistics body reliably protects the freight against weathering and minimises the risk of theft
5. Age-resistant and vapour diff usion-tight body. No water penetration. The payload does not decrease over the service life of the trailer
6. Damage-free transport due to smooth surfaces inside the trailer. Double-decker and load securing equipment can be choose as options
Max. Overall Length
52 ft
16,000 mm
0~16000mm can choose
Max. Overall Width
9 ft
2,600 mm
0~ 2600 mm can choose
Max. Overall Height
9 ft
2,600 mm
0~2600 mm can choose
Side Wall Thickness
1 .18 inch
30 mm
45-105mm can choose
Front Wall Thickness
1 .18 inch
30 mm
45-105mm can choose
Rear Door Panel
1 .18 inch
30 mm
45-105mm can choose
3. Box Structure
Sandwich Panel Material
Skin Material : 2mm FRP
WEIGHT :2.650 (kgs/㎡)
Floor Material
3mm galvanized steel checker plate
options: 18mm water-proof plywood
Roof (GRP Or insulated)
1. Translucent GRP element with transverse bows (total strength approx. 40 millimetres)
Side Walls
Direct gluing of GRP to a prefabricated framework and mounting to Dry Freight Body

this kind of construction for the sidewalls has a high demand on the stiffness, strength and thermal expansion of the GRP
material, due the GRP is only glued partially on a framework and not fixed on the whole surface like on a sandwich panel
(otherwise the GRP surface will become quite wavy at higher temperatures)

the gluing on the framework is done with a combination of a double side PE-foam gluing tape and an flexible structural adhesive (1
component PU- or MS-polymer)
Roll - up door
A space-saving roll-up door is available instead of rear wall doors for fast turnover of loads.

OPTIONS: Two -wing Rear door , approx ,30 mm thick with 5-fold special sealing ,rigid frame joints.
Each Door Wing with 1 external power-brace lock with one -hand operation
Door Wings inclinable to the sidewalls with hold-open device (loose)
super Structure
Profile Plug type struction , Plug in Type Aluminum Profiles assembly for ( 30mm Panels) or "L" Shape Aluminum Profile for other
panels with glue and rivert.
stainless Steel
Options: Galvanized Steel / Aluminum
The Plastic elements are painted white, White gelcoat colour both side, uv resistant, food grade approval
4. Installation:
It is very easy to assemble our insulated bodies, because applying polyurethane adhesive to the joint area of the all-plastic
sandwich panels, which ensures the joint reliability and optimum insulation, forms them. All bodies ckd we provide have included
all necessary accessories such as aluminum angles, aluminum corner, sealing glues, screws, side guards, etc. Therefore, you can
assemble them by yourself without purchasing any material. Generally, 3-4 workers can assemble 5-6 bodies everyday. Moreover, at
the beginning we will assign our engineers to supply you some technical guidance.
CKD Panel Kits
1. Prepare the chassis
2. Mount the partial Sub-Chassis and the floor plate on the chassis with Supplied U bolts and other parts
3. Mount the side, front and the roof and the Rear Door Portal and the door with Glues approx.1.5 hours, with a set time At Least
8 h at +20 ℃ .
4. Install the required options
5. Finishing
1.Prepare the chassis
2. Mount the BOX together with subframes on the chassis
3. Install the required options
4. Finishing
5. Aluminum Profiles :
The used aluminum profile andonized silver , heat treated , harden metal which is made 6063 alloys,to wear resistance and strength
to the box.
External Angle
Extruded Angle 100 X 150 X 3mm,Made Of Aluminum Include Front , Rear, Top And Lower Round Corners. To Protect The Corner And The
Side Of The Van.
External wrapping edge
Made of aluminum alloy to protect the side edge of the van,vertical in the front is half round model, horizontal side is 90 degree
angle model.
6. Box profiles options:
Rear Doors
Tri-fold rear door
Roll up rear door
Single-open side door
Double-open side door
Floor profiles
M-coat floor-composite type
Alu. Checked plate floor 3mm -composite type
Stainless steel plate floor 1.5mm -composite type
Kick plate-aluminum 300*2mm-composite type
Aluminum Profiles
Cargo profiles
Cargo fix track
Side door steps
Evaporator proctor
Moveable compartment system ( box >5000mm can choose)
7. Hydraulic tail plate voltage: cantilever type 12/24v dc
1t model
height: ≤1300mm
weight: 425kg (steel)
standard platform widthxheight: 1800*1650 mm
1.5t model
height: ≤1300mm
weight: 620kg (steel)
standard platform widthxheight: 2300*1800 mm
2t model
height: ≤1300mm
weight: 620kg (steel)
standard platform widthxheight: 2300*1800 mm
Manufacturing Technique

SANDWICH Panel Box is an Self supporting construction out of sandwich panels and aluminium ( FRP ) profile-systems mounted and glued with high performance
MS-polymer glue

Vacuum Table Producing Method
Table Dimension:
16m Length * 3.2 m width
Vacuum: typical values between 150 – 800 mbar (0,2 – 0,85 absolute atmospheric pressure)
Sandwich with foam core (XPS, EPS, PU): pressure between 200 – 400 mbar
Sandwich with plywood as core material:
pressure between 400 – 800 mbar
Equivalent pressure force:
15 – 80 kN/m² = 1.500 – 8.000 kg/m²

The Best Dust-Free composite Workshop in CHINA with
Automatic constant temperature system
to keep the Sandwich Panel Compositing in 25 ℃ to get the best composite quality.

Our Advantages

CAPACITY:40-42 KG/ m3
K value: 0.021w/m.k
World Best Mechanical FRP Manufacture. Different wall with different FRP Series to get the best performance.
FRP Profilles
Our Own Designed FRP Profile system to easy the Assembly process, and let the full box NON-FERRO


Lightweight construction with GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic)
•Floor with lightweight Anti Slip - GRP and steel reinforced cross beams for easy mounting to chassis
•High quality PU-Foam with 40 kg/m³ density (Floor 50 kg/m³) - heat conductivity 0,022 W/mK
•Outstanding thermal insulation properties, K-value of 0,28 W/m²K
•High quality EPDM-gaskets for the doors with 4 seal-sections
•Stable and torsional stiff construction
•Corrosion resistance by the use of GRP / Aluminium / Stainless steel
•Heavy duty hinges and locks out of stainless steel
•Roof with special aluminium plate for mounting evaporator
Door opening up to 270° possible (for left and right door)
•Weather resistance (UV-rays / Rain / Dust / Dirt / etc.)
•Easy to clean GRP-surface
•High quality aluminium profiles + powder coated in the colour of the GRP
•Glued and sealed with high performance MS-polymer glue
•No metal heat bridges in the construction
•Aluminium reinforcing in doors and sidewalls --> no risk of rust within panels
•Rear sidewall and door-panels equipped with high density PU-bars for additional strength and water tightness

Aluminium / Stainless portal frame for additional strength and lightweight
•GRP qualified for usage in the food industry

Installation Instructions
Sandwich panel box is a pre-installed trailer box body which can be mounted directly onto the chassis of the vehicle using its lower fixed frame.

It is important that all specifications and guidelines from the chassis manufacturer be observed during assembly.

Requirements for installation:
Crane or alternative lifting equipment
Standard assembly tools, i.e. pneumatic screwdriver, wrenches, etc.

Prepare the chassis
Mount the partial frame and the floor plate on the chassis
Mount the side, front and rear walls and the roof
Install the required options

Prepare the chassis
Mount the BOX together with sub frames on the chassis
Install the required options
Distinguish the different Panels
Distinguish the different panels for different walls, Floor,Roof, Side walls (2 sets), Front wall, Rear Wall, and pre-install for their position.
Install the panels per instruction
Install the panels with glue and Rivet one by one, from floor to front wall, then the side wall , then the roof , at last put the rear wall with tail door.
Clamp with F-shape fixture
After all the walls been installed with glue, clamp the box with F-Shape Fixture to let the Composite glue Hard , and then clean the surface and the joint edges, then a box finished.
Company Profile
GET Industry Shandong Co., ltd is a specialized manufacturer and Proposal Supplier for the Logistics Vehicles and equipment to all over the world. We established with aim to create “The Special Vehicles Future of possible”, dedicate to intense R&D which is the driving force behind the professional of the special vehicles. G.E.T Vehicles is willing to redefine what it means to be "Made in China".

I. Special Vehicles:
As a global designer and manufacturer of road transportation vehicles, we take the customers’ private requirements with our hundreds of engineers as our key business. All the vehicles have designed separately with customer’s special demands and working situations.
Sticking to the operation philosophy of “The Special Logistic Future of possible” and relying on the manufacturing strength of China and global resources integration, we strive to accelerate the overall upgrading of product and manufacturing technologies so as to foster a global product platform and provide our customers with premium and private special-purpose vehicles.

Manufacturing Products Ranges:

1. Terminal Logistics Truck Trailers:
From Mafi Trailer, Container Chassis and Skeleton Semi-trailers to Flatbed, Drop Side Semi-Trailer to delivery containers full loaded worldwide cargos to create an international value for a better urban life.

2. Energy Logistics Tankers
From Steel and Aluminum Tanker Trucks Transport the fossil fuel and The Stainless Steel Tankers for Fresh Juice and milk to support your daily City life to The Green energies Pressure Vessel for LPG, CNG, LNG and their Storage Tankers for Bottling Station to protect the environment, and create environmental values for a better Earth Future.

3. Cold Chain Logistics Trucks
From Lab Used Ultralow Temperature Cold Room and Prefabricated Modular Walk-in Cold Room to the huge Cold Storage and food processing factory to the Insulated and Refrigerated Composite Trucks with Thermoking and Carrier freezing Units for the Fresh Vegetable and frozen food, Storage and Transportation to supply a Health and Rich Tables for our better Urban Life.

4. Cargo Logistics Vehicles
From Drop-Side Trailers, Curtain-Side Trailers deliver the bulk cargos and Low Bed Semi-Trailer for the construction or heavy industry machines to The Tipper Truck and Dump Trailers deliver the Construction materials for our city infrastructure construction to build a warm living home.

5. Customized Vehicles
With our highest Technology Teams 200 Engineers ‘s full time support, we have the super power to proposal the customized Special Vehicles to solve your special Demands, Like We did Sugar Cane Trailers for Kenya and Ethiopia; Cotton Loader semi-trailer with wing covers, and the Logging Draw Bar Trailers for small Logs and Logging Trailer For Huge Logs and Car Carrier Trucks.Manufacturing Products Ranges:

II. Related Industry Machines and proposal

We have more than 30 years of Experiences in the special vehicles, we made the Workshop and the producing lines and Upgraded for many times. We not only have the Resources of the factory, but also have the Technology of the producing lines, so for the Normal semi trailers, we like to supply the SKD and CKD parts with our Technology to help the customers to build their own producing powers to keep their advantage in their own Market to earn more money. There is a China Proverb “"teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish”, That is what we want to do with our partners.

There are too many producing of our related machines and products, and the good and bad are intermingled which puzzled the global customers and damaged the brand of “made in China “especially some cheaper but poor-quality products and service.

So, we want to clear the puzzles and redefine what it means to be “made in China” Now, we can Help to supply the machine and proposal related to our business as follows:

1. Steel Structure construction project for commercial building and Industrial workshop and warehouse.
2. Producing Lines Design and Supply; We had the experience for Semi Trailer Producing lines, Liquid Tanker Producing Lines and the Composite Sandwich Panels Producing and Assembling Lines, Etc.
3. The Container House and Prefabricated Modular office and Rooms, this is the popular construction in the world to save the Project time to less than one month for a big Office and Building which is also can be easily moved to the other place.

Production Workshop
Honorary Certificate
Customer Visiting
Cold Chain Logistics Trucks
From Lab Used Ultralow Temperature Cold Room and Prefabricated Modular Walk-in Cold Room to the huge Cold Storage and food processing factory to the Insulated and Refrigerated Composite Trucks with Thermoking and Carrier freezing Units for the Fresh Vegetable and frozen food, Storage and Transportation to supply a Health and Rich Tables for our better Urban Life.

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