25 разных овощей, выращенных в Японии, лактобациллы и ферменты

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25 different vegetables grown domestically in Japan,

lactobacillus and enzymes


Product advantage


We use 25 different varieties of extraordinarily nutritious, entirely Japan-produced vegetables, including green barley grown in Kyushu. Each pack contains 20 billion lactobacilli to improve gut flora. To supplement nutrition for dieters, we also include active enzymes derived from green papayas. For flavor, we use Okinawan brown sugar, which adds a gentle sweetness.


100% Japanese young barley grass

    Contains 100% chemical-free green barley produced in Japan by contract farms!

    Absolutely no sub-materials, flavoring agents, additives or preservatives!







A good taste and rich nutrients

   A refreshing flavor, reminiscent of maccha tea, and without the earthiness often associated with

   aojiru. Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients! Recommended for people who want

   to increase their vegetable intake.




25 different vegetables




It is a sterilization object of reliable human-derived lactic acid bacteria (faecalis).

Insensitive to heat and pH, it goes all the way to your stomach.
Good absorbability due to the small size of lactic acid bacteria.
Prepare the intestinal environment, support the growth of probiotic!
By being incorporated into Peyer's patches in the intestinal tract, it produces transmitters and works on an immunologically competent cell to improve the immune balance.



Activated enzyme




There are many products with enzymes in the world, but there are also products that do not actually contain enzymes.
In particular, heat sterilization deactivates the enzyme, so it does not remain in the drink-type products.



Green barley powder (from Kyushu), water-soluble dietary fiber, reduced maltose, kale powder, brown sugar, starch, papaya extract, sterilized lactic acid bacteria powder (contains dairy), vegetable powder (okra, cabbage, kale, carrot, pumpkin, burdock, sweet potato, taro, shiitake, broccoli, ashitaba, asparagus, edamame, komatsuna, celery, daikon, daikon leaf, onion, parsley, spinach, lemon, lotus root), mulberry leaf powder, bitter melon powder, moroheiya powder, peucedanum japonicum powder, roasted soybean flour (contains soybeans)


Chock-full of Kyushu green barley and a wide assortment of vegetables. All 25 varieties of vegetables are grown in Japan to ensure safety and quality.

 20 billion lactobacilli per packet delivered straight to the gut!

 Includes green papaya-derived enzyme to maintain enzyme activity.

 Uses Okinawa brown sugar for better flavor. The result is slightly sweet and non-cloying. Easy to drink every day.


How to drink

Pour 100 ml of water or milk and mix well before eating. Take 1~2pack per day.


Japan quality



Product Lineup




Company History 

Healthy flavor from materials sourced entirely in Japan

CEO's message:

Since ancient times, the rich natural environment of Japan has produced foods and herbs that our ancestors learned how to ferment and process, and those traditional techniques and wisdom are still with us. Today, the combination of Japanese foods and scientific insights is expected to lead to the development of more functional foods that promote health and are confirmed to be both effective and safe.

Japan is also facing an unprecedented aging of its demographics, which is leading to a higher healthcare spending and turning health itself into a serious issue for society. We have reached the level in which one out of every four people in the population is age 65 or older. There is, thus, a keen desire among the Japanese for "remaining healthy throughout life" and "living a long, full and healthy life."

The name "Nihon-Yakken" comes from "Nihon," or Japan, and two characters that mean "medicine" and "health." The idea behind it is, "we want to serve our customers' health through traditional Japanese herbs and foods that can be consumed in safety and confidence."

We want our products to be high-quality but available for reasonable prices, we want our services to win heartfelt praise, and we want to deliver them to as many people as possible. Through this, we want to contribute to society by expanding the "circle of happiness" to our customers, business partners and employees.

We cherish this passion and enthusiasm, and it inspires us to take on new challenges. We will continue to make every effort to be a company that you can love and trust.



November 25, 2014: Established "Nihon-Yakken Co., Ltd."

October 10, 2015: Launched first offerings in the "Kinno Aojiru" series, featuring pure Japan-produced green barley powder in packages of 22, 46 and 90 packets

October 2015: Ranked No. 11 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 1.6%)

December 2015: Ranked No. 7 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 2.8%)

January 2016: Ranked No. 6 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 3.1%)

February 6, 2016: Achieved No. 1 on five key Rakuten Rankings: "Health Drink Daily Ranking," "Aojiru Daily Ranking," "Health Drink Real-Time Ranking," "Aojiru Real-Time Ranking" and "Soft Drink Real-Time Ranking"

March 2016: Ranked No. 5 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 3.5%)

April 1st, 2016: Launched 14-packet offering in "Kinno Aojiru" series featuring pure Japan-produced green barley powder

October 2016: Ranked No. 4 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 5.8%)

November 1st, 2016: Launched 60-packet version of "Gokusen Aojiru," a product designed by a managerial dietitian

March 1st, 2017: Launched a new "Lactobacillus x Enzyme" product in the "Kinno Aojiru" series, featuring 25 varieties of pure Japan-produced vegetables (30 packets)

May 2017: Ranked No. 3 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 8.1%)

September 1st, 2017: Launched 30-packet version of "Super Fruits Aojiru Diet"

April 1st, 2018: Launched 30-packet version of Protein x Aojiru

September 1st, 2018: Launched 30-packet version of "Activated Carbon x Aojiru"

September 2018: Ranked No. 3 on manufacturer sales in the in-store powdered aojiru market (share of 8.1%)

December 3rd, 2018: Launched 176-packet version of "Kinno Aojiru" featuring pure Japan-produced green barley powder

June 3rd, 2019: Launched "Gokusen Aojiru for Beauty," designed by a managerial dietitian

September 2nd, 2019: Launched 20-packet version of "Sugar x Fat Sukkiri Tea"

October 1st, 2019: Launched 20-packet version of "Kuzunohana Tea" certified for functional indications

January 6th, 2020: Launched 60-packet version of "Ryokushu Aojiru"

January 31st, 2020: In 2019, the "Kinno Aojiru" series of "100% domestic Japanese green barley powder" ranked No. 1 for sales for the 4th consecutive year (beginning 2016) on the domestic aojiru market according to a study published by TPC Marketing Research Corp.







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