Бумага для заметок, белая с липкой бумагой для заметок, может отрываться, портативная бумага для записей, блокнот для заметок на заказ

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Customization instructions
1. Requires more than 100 copies, and can print LOGO on existing styles.
2. Price: According to your requirements: paper, leather, specifications, printing color to calculate the specific price.
3. Cover: LOGO can emboss bumps, bronzing, hot silver and other processes.

How to Pay with yourvisa & master card: 
1.Please create a personal buyer account before you buy from alibaba.
2.Write your email address,when place an order.
3.Go to your email and clik the link,"Send Initial Payment/Pay Balance" or "go to pay".
4.Then choose "+Add a new card to pay in USD($)".
5.Fill in the bankcard information,"Confirm and Pay",that charge from your card derectely.

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