Рычажная арфа на 40 струн

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Product Description

Details of Simson-40 Harp:

Shape of Resonance Chamber
Width of Resonance Chamber
39 cm
Size of Harp
170×80×45 cm
26 kg
North American Maple
Body of Harp
Strings of Bow Brand imported from England

Actual Shows

Detailed Images

Integrated process, strengthen tension, effectively avoid problems such as cracking and deformation caused by long-term use, etc.

Tuning Peg
304 stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Sound Box

Round pronunciation.


Tuning Wrench

Harp Bag
Teaching Materials
Harp Stool

Company Introduction

Simson is a comprehensive company integrating musical instrument research and development, production and sales, education course research and development, education and training.

The headquarter of Simson is located in Xicheng district, Beijing, with several branches and independent production bases. Our harps are exported to Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

We have brand of " Simson" and "Dots&Ties", and we also accept OEM.

How to Get Inquiry

Please share us your requirements, we can recommend the harp for you.

* Are you a student, an amateur or a professional player?

* What size of harp do you want?

* What type of string do you prefer? Made in China or Made in other countries.

* What's your budget?

* What is your shipping address?

Then we can recommend harp for you and give you quotation with shipping cost.

Just send us an inquiry to get more details. We are ready for you.

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