Welding Flux Welding Mix iron powder For Making Welding Electrode

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Product Description

Iron Powder For welding electrodes

Atomised & Sponge Iron Powders are commonly used in welding electrodes & flux cored wires for enhanced weld metal recovery.

Purity of Iron Powder is critical to the critical application of welding.

Iron Powder For welding electrodes are designed to maintain low levels of Carbon & Sulphur percentages for achieving superior welding properties.

PM iron powder

Atomised &sponge iron powder for Welding:

Atomised iron powder:

AIP 40.29 – High purity coarse atomized Iron Powder

Sponge iron powder:

SIP 40.29                40 mesh      2.9 gm/cc\t
SIP 40.37 LC           40 mesh     3.7 gm/cc       Low Carbon
SIP 40.37 MC         40 mesh      3.7 gm/cc      Medium Carbon
SIP 100.25              100 mesh     2.5 gm/cc\t

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Welding electrode

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