Три уровня медицинского давления, колготки для медсестры, эластичные Компрессионные носки, леггинсы

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Three Levels Medical Pressure Pantyhose Nurse Elastic Varicose Veins Compression Socks Leggings
Spandex / Nylon
Close toe pantyhose
Pressure index
Class I: 15-21mmHg, Class II: 23-32mmHg, Class III: 34-46mmHg
S, M, L, XL, XXL or customized
Black, beige
Anti-bacterial, anti-embolism, anti-slip, breathable, for varicose
Varicose prevention and therapy
1 pair/opp bag, or packing as your requirement
About 5-20 days after deposit got and all designs confirmed

Varicose compression socks is a kind of promotion of venous blood return to the heart function of the product, it is a medical treatment device, a medical device for the treatment of varicose diseases.
It is not ordinary socks, it is by the force and distribution, the establishment of maximum support pressure in the ankle, gradually decreasing upwardly along the leg, in the calf reduced to 70%-90% of the maximum pressure value in the thigh reduced to 25%-45% of the maximum pressure value, this decreasing pressure changes can lower extremity venous return, effective relieve or improve venous and venous valves are under pressure. Strict examination and approval by the State Food and Drug Administration, certified ”stockings” only with the prevention and mitigation of varicose veins effect, but not achieve therapeutic effect. When transportation valve damage, the upper ankle mild swelling, itching and skin pigmentation and other symptoms, you need to go to hospital.

Compression Indication
Class I (15-21mmHg) Prevent varicose veins, apply to pregnant women.
Class II (23-32mmHg) Apply to the patients who have obvious varicose veins of the lower limbs (venous vessels protrude from the surface of skin when standing) accompanied with leg discomfort (such as aches, fatigue or swelling in the lower limbs, itching of the eczema, cramping and numbing, pigmentation, etc.), patients with phlebitis, persons with serious varicose veins, patients after surgery of varicose veins (great and small saphenous vein dissection surgery), and patients with syndrome after the formation of deep venous thrombosis.
Class III (34-46mmHg) Apply to high degree in swelling of the lower limbs, skin blackens and hardens, and serious enlargement of lymph nodes.

1. Eliminate the swelling and pain caused by the obstruction of venous blood return of the lower limbs, gradually improve the blackened and hardened skin, heal the ulcerated skin, and restore the light varicose veins to their original state.
2. Pressure shaping, body slimming, leg shape correction, elastic socks are more effective in lifting buttocks and restraining abdomen.
3. To eliminate the postoperative edema and promote wound healing.
4. Recover the function of lower extremity vein after operation to prevent recurrence.
5. To prevent the deep vein thrombosis of lower extremity in long-term bedridden patients.
6. To eliminate the lower extremity edema of pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy and prevent the formation of lower extremity venous diseases after childbirth.
7. Prevent economy class syndrome of passengers on the plane.
8. For long-term standing, sitting and body gravity workers, it can reduce the discomfort of lower limbs.

1. To wear internationally approved compression stockings can relax the tiredness of the legs and get better blood circulation. The key factor of compression stockings is gradually decreasing pressure from ankle to thigh. So please do not wear in lying sleeping, we suggest that you slightly raise your legs to make legs have a rest and relax the tiredness. For bad varix, please check the professional doctor for guidance before wearing.
2. If the feet are swollen easily, please do not select girding shanks, girding full legs or full leggings.

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