Кислотный конденсатор котла, нейтрализатор, заправка PH + СМИ, китайский завод

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Condensate Neutralizer Media is composed of natural inorganic mineral materials which highest efficiency for neutralizing condensate. It neutralizes the acidic ,corrosive condensation wastewater from condensing boilers or water heater operating on natural gas or propane.


The Condensate Neutralizer Media will raise the PH of condensate from PH 3-4 to closer to neutral PH 7 before it is discharged to drain.


As a by-product of burning propane or natural gas,condensate is acidic and harmful to pumps ,sewer systems ,waste water drain pipes. However, boilers ,tankless water heaters,furnaces of 93% or high efficiency produce 1.6 gallons of acidic condensate wasterwater for every 400,000 BTUS of fuel burned. This lastest neutralizers could effectively prevent the damage to your pumps, drains pipes, sewers systems with more than 6 months service life.


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