Новый дизайн, ионизатор воды для бассейна на солнечной энергии

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Products Description

Do you have such problems in your swimming pool? Green algae, white water, itching after swimming, red eyes, foam on the water surface. 
All of these, our intelligent solar pool ionizer can solve for you.

Working principle:
This product is solar driven low-voltage DC product, safe and efficient (adults and children can directly contact for a long time). 
The product's own high-efficiency solar panel produces direct current to stimulate the anode bar to electrolyze anions and copper ions into the water. The ions break the outer walls of bacteria and algae spores, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and algae suppression quickly and efficiently. 100% chemical free, natural, no stimulation, high efficiency and long-term protection of water quality.

1.Energy saving
2.No need to plug in electricity
3.Safety and environmental protection 
4.Super large copper ion anode bar is durable 
5.Fast and efficient sterilization to stop algae breeding 
6.No skin irritation, no bleaching, no smell 
7.No need to change water
8.Low investment and high return

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Why Choose Us

1.Zhejiang Handa New Energy Co., Ltd Have top engineers and technicians in the industry can providing invaluable product design experience. We make solar manufacturing equipment for solar production line raw materials if needed.
2.Competitive price
3.Focus on High Quality, reliable manufacturing products 
4.We have many stable and cooperative foreign companies, understand foreign markets and characteristics
5.We listen to our customers, and constantly work to provide better and better products and services that we are suited to local climates and market.
6.We provide design-system or customized products which is suitable for customers local market.
7.Commitment to fair labor practices, career advancement and open communication throughout the company

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