Нажимной соединитель для проводов, 2 порта/4 порта/6 портов в комплекте для распределительных коробок, набор для быстрого соединения с настенной гайкой в ассортименте

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Product Description


Wire Connector 733 LT-102/104/108 2-8 pin Quick Universal Compact Wiring Conector Connect Terminal Block Electrical Led Light


Wire cross section (mm2): 0.75-4 Single laid wire 1.5-4 Stranded conductor
Rated voltage/Current(V/A):400/24
Rated impulse voltage (KV): 4
Strip length(mm): 12mm
Insulation material: PA66
Anti-fire Grade: V-0 or V-2
Contact material: Copper alloy
Contact points: Tin coating


_01.jpg_02.jpg_03.jpgia_10 (1).jpg106 (2).png

Rated Surge Voltage4KV
Rated Voltage400V
Nominal  Current24A
Stripping Length12mm~0.47in




Suitable for a variety of wire sizes. 

Plug and play quick connecting. 

Built-in test point. 

Maintenance-free connection. 

Low installed cost and safe operation. 

The operating lever avoids the need for tools. 

Maximum continuous service temperature is 105°C. 

Different wire sizes and types can be combined in one connector. 

Corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance and aging resistance. 

Reusable conductor compact wire connector. 

Packaging & Shipping

2 ports PCT-104 (20Pack), 3 ports PCT-102(20Pack) , 5 ports PCT-106(20Pack).

The large quantity of the lever nut conductors can meet your different needs

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