Хит продаж, экологически чистый промышленный химикат с печатной бумагой, влагопоглощающий силикагель для защиты ваших продуктов

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Product Description

Hot eco friendly industrial chemical with printing paper packed desiccant silica gel for protect your products

Silica gel desiccant is a highly active adsorption material.It is usually made of reacting with sodium silicate an sulfuric acid, aging as well as acid bubble.
It is insoluble in water and any solvents.Non-poisonous and tasteless, chemical stability.
It won't react with any material except alkli and hydrofluoric acid.

Standard white silica gel is referred to as being non-indicating. 
As absorbs moisture it remains physically unchanged. Non-indicating silica gel is both cheap and effective, available loose in bulk packs or packed in sachets.


place in dry, normal condition, keep sealed for 3 years or more.


Mini Pack 1g silica gel sachets packets of silica gel desiccant from aquablue india used to prevent cloths.

Mini silica gel desiccant from aquablue 


Silica gel desiccant is the most popular used desiccant in the food, drug, healthcar, electonics, clothing and textile industries as an effective way to package products


Prevent the articles corrosion and rust in the sealed container.

instruments and gauges, electronically products, leathers, shoes, foodstuffs, medicines and household electric appliances, etc

Best Quality:

All of products produced and Package according to our customer ' s requirement,Best fastener bags+cartons+pallets according to customer ' s requirement.


silica gel desiccant packets

1.Material: silica gel

2.High-activity absorb

3.Accept OEM&ODM


(1) Strong weathering, never metamorphic, strong ability against corrosion.

(2) Average absorption saturated in the 50% state, so its absorption ability is quite high.

(3) Internal has many fine celled, non-toxic, tasteless, no smell, thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, etc.

(4) In order to reduce the humidity in food packets, avoid metamorphic corruption, usually use in food.





Company Introduction

Silica Gel Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in India

We are quality Silica Gel Manufacturer & Supplier in India.Furthermore, Our products includes Silica Gel,Silica Gel Blue,Silica Gel Orange,Chromatography Silica Gel for concerned industries. With relentless focus on continuous innovative solution we are committed to provide quality Silica Gel products to our customers.Moreover,Our core focus is to understand our client’s need and to provide them customized product quality.

In other words,Our R & D department has always help us to find new solutions for our product quality. Our infrastructure & talented professionals together are always able to achieve great flexibility, efficiency & accuracy in our products.

Additionally,the strategic location of our manufacturing set up offers several advantages for the continuous supply of our products all over india and foreign countries.

Industries We Serves












Q : What is a desiccant and what does it do?
A:  Desiccant is a hydrating agent, which attracts moisture from the atmosphere. It adsorbs and holds Particles of water to itself. Desiccants are an ideal humidity controller for coins, gun safes, cameras, tools, etc. Silica gel and clay desiccants prevent moisture related problems before they begin, creating a protective shield of dry air within any enclosed storage area. Silica gel and clay desiccants are easily reactivated and can provide a lifetime of protection.

Q: What is Silica Gel?
A: Silica gel is form of silicon dioxide, Si02, the material that occurs in nature as sand. The difference between silica gel and sand is that sand is a crystalline, non-porous form, whereas silica gel is non-crystalline and highly porous. Silica gel is an amorphous absorptive substance with stable chemical properties and has a highly complicated porous structure. It is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic, and offers an excellent capacity for physical and chemical dehumidification.

Q: Where does the silica gel desiccant be used?
A: It is widely used in sealed environment which in storage of shoes&caps, bags, food, medicine, toys, wood-works, instruments, electronic, computers, furniture, etc.

Q: How much water vapor can silica gel desiccant hold?
A: Silica gel desiccant will adsorb up to 40% of its own weight in moisture. 

Q: What's the payment term?
A: T/T, L/C,

Q: What is your main URL?
A: www.aquablue.in

Q: What's the lead time?
A: Within 20 days after payment checked

Q: What's your supply capacity each month?
A: more than 100 Metric tons each month.

Q: Do you offer free sample?
A: Yes, free sample available, freight collected

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: 1 carton 


Q: What is easy contact of sales person?

A: You may Whatsapp or Call on +919377118113 with Mr. Ankit.


Application: Aquablue Silica Gel

  • Labs and Analytical Items

  • Chemicals and Powders

  • Medical and Diagnostic kits

  • Herbal and Cosmetics

  • Food Storage

  • Avionics and Aerospace

  • Electronic and PCB

  • Textile and Leather

  • Engineering and Automation

  • Logistics and Transportation





Advantageis a highly useful variety of desiccant, available in a range of mesh sizes to meet the needs of its many possible uses in industry. It does not react with chemicals, and is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. It is extremely porous and can adsorb a large amount of water due to its vast amount of internal surface area. Since it is non-deliquescent, its size and shape always remain the same, and there are no chemical reactions or byproducts that result from the adsorption process. Even when saturated with water, the gel stays free-flowing, and dry. What makes blue indicating silica gel particularly useful is that, as it adsorbs water, it changes color, going from blue to purple to pink as the moisture is adsorbed.


Contact: www.aquablue.in, Silica Gel Products, +919377118113

Manufacturer & Exporter of

Silica Gel: 

White Crystal Silica Gel, Blue Crystal Silica Gel, Orange Crystal Silica Gel, 

White Beads Silica Gel, Blue Beads Silica Gel, Orange Beads Silica Gel,

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Container Desiccant Pouch:

Silica Gel Container Desiccant Pouch, Calcium Chloride Container Desiccant Pouch,

Column Chromatography Silica gel,

1.Accpet LCL different goods in one container.

2.Quality control, ensure the goods as same as sample.

3.Provide with professional documents.

4.Packing as your request, with photo before shipment.

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