Дуплексный зажим-балюстрада из нержавеющей стали 2205, стеклянный бассейн, ограждение, круглые балюстрады

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Product name2205 Stainless Steel Spigot Glass Pool Deck Fence Round Spigots
MaterialDuplex 2205  stainless steel
SurfaceMirror or Satin
InstallDeck mounted 
Glass thickness8-12mm /0.3-0.5”
Net weight1300g
AccessoriesBase cover*1, Screw*2, Gasket*1
FeaturesHoles are not required to be drilled into the glass as a friction clamp system is used.The internal compression plates of the spigot tighten to clamp the glass panels firmly and securely.
ApplicationHighly suitable for use in outdoor structures with high degree of corrosion due to chlorine and/or sulphur dioxide load; high humidity; accumulation of harmful substances (e.g., coastal regions and swimming pool environments).

Please confirm that you purchased 2205 material, which is environmentally friendly and super corrosion-resistant material. Whether used in indoor stairs or outdoor swimming pool glass fences, whether it is fresh water or sea water, 2205 stainless steel can resist corrosion and never rust.

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Question:What material for your spigots?
Answer: Material for our spigots is stainless steel, you can choose 304,316,2205.SS304 is for ordinary outdoor environment,and for spool or sea environment we recommend 2205.

Question:what surface for the spigot?

Answer:We can provide Inferior smooth surface,mirror surface,color plating..etc,various surface finish accepted.


Question:Which shipping way do you use?
Answer:Air,express and sea Shipment  are used just according to the quantity and customer request.principle is reducing customers’ costs as much as possible,thus,each time,we always try to find the cheapest and fastest shipping way for our customers.

Question:Which payment way you accept?

Answer:We accept TT,Paypal,Alibaba online guarantee transaction..etc.
Question:Do you accept customization?

Answer:Surely,we are very willing to accept product customization.We design and make it together with customers requests and ideals.

Question:Will they durable? 


Question:Will they be easy to install?

Answer:Yes,dear,easy installation,you can watch our installation video.



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