Гидравлический подъемник разгрузка л вакуумный грузовик для всасывания сточных

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hydraulic lift unload 10000L tank vacuum sewage  truck

Product Description


Sewage Suction truck is used to collect, clean up and transport the sewage sludge, it is sanitation vehicle to avoid the secondary pollution.

Application: Sewage suction truck is suitable for the collection and transportation of feces, mud, crude oil and other liquid substances, sewage sludge suction, loading and unloading.

Features:Self-suction and self-discharge, fast working speed, large capacity, convenient transportation, sewage suction truck adopts technology leading dirt vacuum pump, good suction ability, long suction distance, especially can suck sewage mud,  stones, bricks and other large objects.

Working principle: Using vacuum pump to pump the tank into a vacuum state, the external atmospheric pressure is greater than the internal atmospheric pressure of the tank, and the liquid material is pressed into the tank through the rubber tube.

Technical Parameters


Parts on Chassis:

Tank material: 8mm high quality steel plate

Sewage pump: 2BE-204 water recycle sewage pump

Tank volume: 20m³,

Vertical suction head lift: 9-10m,

with 2ea 10m ¢102suction hose

Self suction and self discharge

The tank is a full sealing pressure tank, with big suction ability, can suck sewage sludge and other sewage with many impurities.

The tank can be infixed, hydraulic lift and unload. Hydraulic open rear cover. With rear self flow hole, view window, pressure gage, washing device, low water-level alarm, arrow light, remote control hydraulic hose boom, rotation flexible arm.

Chassis (6*4)

Brand: Iveco

Axle: 3

Tires: 10

Axle distance: 4700+1400mm

Engine: F2CCE611B*L


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