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Cement PC40: Manufactured under TCVN 2682:2009 with advantages such as high fineness, large C3S content, non-phase additives, good volume stability, low hydrothermal heat, alkaline soluble levels lower than the same types of cement in the market It is therefore especially suitable for works requiring high technical requirements such as hydropower, bridge, etc.
- Cement PCB30: Manufactured under TCVN 6260:2009 with advantages such as anti-aggression in the environment, high durability, high-grade rate, large plasticity so that it is suitable for civil construction needs: Houses, tall buildings, urban areas, etc.
- Cement PCB40: Manufactured under the TCVN 6260:2009 with advantages such as anti-aggression in the environment, durability, high-level power rate, large plasticity, the speed of development is reasonably so satisfying to build all civil construction works and industrial applications such as bridges, roads, tall buildings, hydropower construction, etc.

The specification of portland cement type 1/ 42.5


ItemsUnitsSpecificationTest ResultsTest Method
Chemical analysis
SiO2 %≤ 22.021ASTM C 114
Al2O3 %≤ 5.805
Fe2O3 %≤ 4.004
CaO %≥ 59.0065
MgO %≤ 6.000.8
SO3 %≤ 3.02
Loss on Ignition, (LOI) %≤ 3.002
Insoluble Residue%≤ 0.750.35
Chloride content%A-
Equi valent alkalies (Na2O+0.658 K2O)%≤ 0.750.75
Physical and Mechanical Properties
Finess test     
-       Blainecm2/g≥ 2800 ASTM C 204
-       Retained content on sieve 45mm %A ASTM C 430
Time of setting: Minutes  ASTM C 191
-               Initial set≥ 45                      < 375
-               Final set 
Heat of hydration:KJ/kg  ASTM C 186
-       7 DaysA 
-       28 Days  
Mass densityg/cm3A ASTM C 188
Sulfate resistance, 14 days expansion%A ASTM C 452
Air content of mortar%≤ 12.0 ASTM C 185
Autoclave expansion%< 0.80 ASTM C 151
Compressive strengthMPa  ASTM C 109
1 DaysA 
3 Days≥ 12.026.2
7 Days≥ 19.040.6
28 Days≥ 28.0 
A: No applicable, 
C3S = (4.071x%CaO)-(7.60x%SiO2)-(6.718x%Al2O3)-(1.43x%Fe2O3),
C2S=(2.867) x % SiO2- (0.7544 x % C3S), 
C3A =(2.650x% Al2O3)-(1.692x% Fe2O3), C4AF = 3.043 x % Fe2O3

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