Phllips фильтр для предотвращения накипи SaecoAquaClean Сменный фильтр для кофемашины фильтр для воды подходит для CA6903 / 10/00 / 01/22 /47

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Product Name 
Water Filter Compatible with Aqua Clean Filter,Fits PicoBaristo Series HD8924/47 and HD8927/47,CA6903 / 10/00 / 01/22 / 47
1.Save money
2.Easy to use: simple cup dispoable k cup coffee filter
3.Healthy for life:Superme quality and food grade material,To make you full in love with coffee
NSF42, NSF372
Model Number
auto-coffee machine water filtration
Filter media
NSF certified activated carbon , Food grade Non-sodium positive resin.
Service Life
2 Months or 50 Gallons,depends on water quality
Chlorine Removal Rate

Saeco AquaClean CA6903 | Incanto: HD8911/0, HD8913/11, HD8914/01, HD8915/01, HD8916/01, HD8917/01, HD8918/21, HD8918/31, HD8918/41, HD8919/51, HD8919/55, HD8921/01, HD8922/01 | Intelia Deluxe: HD8900/01, HD8900/11, HD8902/01, HD8904/01, HD8906/01 | PicoBaristo: HD8924/01, HD8925/01, HD8927/01, SM3054/00, SM3054/10, SM3061/10, SM5460/10, SM5470/10, SM5473/10, SM5478/10, SM5479/10, SM5570/10, SM5572/10, SM5573/10 | GranBaristo: HD8975/01, HD8977/01, HD8978/01
Exprelia: HD8858/01, HD8859/01 | Xelsis: SM7580/00, SM7581/00, SM7680/00, SM7683/00, SM7685/00, SM7686/00 | EP3360/00, EP3362/00, EP3363/00, EP3510/00, EP3550/00, EP3551/00, EP3551/10 | Philips 4000: EP4010/00, EP4050/10, EP4051/10
EP5310/10, EP5314/10, EP5315/10, EP5330/10, EP5331/10, EP5333/10, EP5335/10, EP5340/10, EP5345/10, EP5360/10, EP5361/10, EP5363/10, EP5365/10, EP5930/10, EP5934/10, EP5960/10, EP5961/10

YUNDA is an independent brand. All trademarks remain the property of their respective holder(s) and are used for
compatibility information only.
NSF 42 CERTIFIED : Certified By WQA Against NSF, ANSI Standard 42 For Materials Safety, Structural Integrity and Aesthetic. Chlorine Reduction of 99.06%. Reduce Particles, Sediments, Color, Rust Improves Coffee Taste.

Advanced filtering
The YUNDA filter uses a micro-mesh to utilize ultra-fine particles of coconut charcoal. The finer particles represent more area contact and form a more effective filtering effect. This combination makes the performance of the filter unparalleled!

Improve coffee flavor
Impurities such as calcium, chlorine, and various odors will interfere with the real coffee flavor to your taste buds. Use the YUNDA activated carbon filter to filter out these impurities to the greatest extent, bringing you a real mellow aroma experience.

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