Диоксид кремния используется в качестве цементной смеси/цена на микро-силиконовый порошок/диоксид микрокремния

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Product Description

High quality microsilica powder is mainly used as high performance refractory castables, prefabricated parts, ladle materials,
permeable bricks, self-flowing refractory castables and dry and wet injection materials.In the field of high temperature ceramics,
such as: oxide combined with silicon carbide products, high temperature calcium silicate lightweight thermal insulation material,
electromagnetic corundum mullite brick kiln push board, high temperature resistant materials and products, corundum and ceramic
products, the acetate combination products, such as the use of micro silicon powder has high liquidity, low storage capacity, high
density and high strength etc.
Metallurgical pellet binder
The pellets are naturally dried or sintered after being mixed with water. No binder is added. There are few impurities in the
pellets, which can be returned to the electric furnace as smelting material.
Dispersants for chemical products
In order to prevent the caking of some chemical synthetic powder, can be used to replace the more expensive silicon powder
treatment materials, replace the partial dispersion and isolation and or increase the effect, widely used in fine pesticides,
fertilizers, extinguishing agent and other products.

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