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Hot sale custom printing Eco friendly clear transparent plastic wrapping film for packaging

Product Description

Product Description

wrapping film for packagingclear transparent plastic wrapping film for packaging2020 Hot sale custom printing Eco friendly clear transparent plastic wrapping film for packaging


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Product name

Hot sale custom printing Eco friendly clear transparent plastic wrapping film for packaging


PA PE PP BOPP, OPP, CPP, RCPP,7/9 layers co-extrusion, aluminum foil or accoding to customer demand




50-300 microns


Gravure Printing

Artwork design

For free


Up to 9 colors




vacuum bag, retort pouch, standing up pouch, zip lock bag, spout bag, frozen bag and so on


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1. High Barrier
With different plastic material has differences barrier performance,so-extrusion film,achieve to oxygen,water,carbon dioxide,the gas to the effect of high barrier
2. Functional
Oil resistant,resistant to moisture,resistant to 120 degrees of high temperature cooking,resistant to low temperature freezing,with good quality.can be used in the vacuum packaging,aseptic packaging,inflatable packaging.
3. Low Cost
Compare to the glass packing,the aluminum foil packing with other plastic packaging,to achieve the same barrier effect,so-extrusion film in cost has great advantage,simple useful process,the cost is 10-20% low than dry compound film and other composite film
4. The Flexible Structure Design
Adopt different structure design and guarantee the quality of different products can meet your needs
5. High Strength
Co-extrusion film rework process has the characteristics of tensile,plastic stretch after corresponding improving strength,can also be in the middle into the nylon,metallocene polyethylene and other plastic materials,give it more than general compound strength of plastic packaging,there is no hierarchical stripping now like,good flexibility,excellent heat sealing performance
6. Small Capacity
Co-extrusion film can be used in a vacuum shrinkable packaging,capacity volune ratio is near 100%,this is glass,cans,paper the incomparable
7. No Pollution
No added adhesive,no benzene,no heavy metals,and no residual solvents,green environmental protection,energy conservation and emissions reduction,accord with the effect of low carbon now


1. You are the manufacturer or a trading company?

We are the manufacturer for more than 16 years with SGS, ISO9001, FSSC22000 certificate, so the quality can be guaranteed.

2. What kind of packaging can you do for us?

We can do various of kind packaging, including high-temperature aluminum foil bag, vacuum bag, spout bag, ziplock bag, stand up bag, back sealed bag,three-side sealed bag, 7 layers co-extrusion bag, composite bag, VM PET aluminum bag, high-temperature retort bag.....so we can do any packaging as you require

3. Why choose us?

We are the big manufacturer with lots of years experiences,so we know the market very well, and our company have got ISO9001:2008,OHSAS18001:2007,ISO9001:2008, FSSC22000 certificate.and our product has high barrier, functional, low cost, flexible structure design, high strength, small capacity, no pollution advantages, so we are sure will make you 100% satisfied.

4. Do you provide samples?

We provide the free samples, if we have the identical samples you need, we will send them within 3 days.

5. Is your packaging BPA free and eco-friendly?

Sure our all packaging are all BPA free and eco-friendly, because our core value is"quality first, reputation first and customer satisfactory first", better XURI, better world.

6. How is your service?

As a big manufacturer, we have own special team to service you, and we are sure to make you 100% satisfied.


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