Устойчивая биоразлагаемая многоразовая натуральная Органическая хлопчатобумажная ткань, упаковка для ланча-сэндвичей из пчелиного воска

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Sustainable Biodegradable Reusable Natural Organic Cotton Fabric Beeswax Food Wraps for Sandwich Lunch Pack

  • NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE FOOD STORAGE - Beeswax wraps are an ethical & eco-friendly replacement for plastic bags, harmful plastic storage containers, aluminum foil & cling wrap. Cover anything you want!

  • EASY TO USE & SEALS TIGHT - Use the heat from your hands to mold & shape the wrap to your storage container, and then watch as it cools creating a tight seal that locks in amazing freshness & flavor!

  • KEEPS YOUR FOOD FRESHER - Handcrafted from compostable cloth, ethically harvested beeswax, and organic jojoba oil & tree resin: keeps food freshest while camping, hiking or working all day!

  • THREE VERSATILE SIZES :3 assorted sizes: Small (7"x8") Medium (10"x11") Large (13"x14"). Washable with soap & cool water.

Product Description


Sustainable Biodegradable Reusable Natural Organic Cotton Fabric Beeswax Food Wraps for Sandwich Lunch Pack

*StyleEco-friendly, Reusable, Recyclable, Reduced, Zero Waste, Plastic Free, Sustainable, Biodegradable etc
*Material Organic Cotton, Beeswax, Organic jojoba oil, Natural tree resin
*How to Use it?Use the warmth of your hands to wrap Beeswax Wrap around a piece of food or over a bowl or casserole dish. When the Beeswax Wrap cools — within seconds — it holds its seal. Use your Beeswax Wrap to wrap cheese, vegetables, bread, fruit, fresh herbs, and baked goods. Beeswax Wrap is not recommended for use with raw meat.
*Size7X8" , 10X11" , 13X14" OEM
*How Long Does Beeswax Wrap Last?Beeswax Wrap lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage.
*PrintingVarious patterns
*Package info


Carton Size: 37x41x22cm

G.W.: 15kg

*Delivery time1), Sample: 2-3days.
2), 500-3000pcs: 7-10days.



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