Поддон для рыбы

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Описание и отзывы


Our company mainly produce natural fish food,reptile food,bird food,Flake and Pellet fish food. Such as tibufex,mealworm, bloodworm, brine shrimp, fresh water shrimp,small fish,silkworm pupae, gammarus, daphnia, tubifex, earthworm, grasshopper, superworm, cricket, shrimp meat, antarctic krill, plankton krill, silkworm pupae, water flies, artemia cysts, mysis, rotifer, , etc. We could do OEM for our customer and have many kinds of packing.





White fish meal, advanced wheat flour, shrimp meal, brine shrimp, spirulina, deep-sea fish oil, yeast meal, rose algae,astacin, wheat germ, scallop, stable multi-vitamins, multi-minerals,etc.


Guaranteed Analysis:


Protein:≥35% fat:≥5% fiber:≤3% ash:≤13% calcium:≤2% lysine:≥0.5% NaCl:≤3% moisture:10%.


Feeding Guide:


 Feed sparingly 2 to 3 times daily but in small quantity which can be eaten within few minutes.


Remove any uneaten food after 10 minutes , it will no pollute your water








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