Новинка, мгновенные активные сухие дрожжи Aule, высокий уровень сахара, низкий уровень сахара, сухие дрожжи

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Low sugar dry yeast

Instant Dry Yeast


500g High Sugar

500g Low Sugar


                 Faint Yellow


                Pellet Uniformity


No peculiar odor

  Fermentation (CO2)%






Conservation Proportion%



  Living cells%






1. It manufactured from selected high activity; high osmotic pressure resistant yeast strains and is suitable for the production of a variety of bread recipes with high glucose (25%) and high oil (20%).

2. It can effectively shorten the dough fermentation time;

3. It makes the bread a good expansion in the oven and meets the expansion requirements of different fermentation processes (such as direct dough and sponge dough method). It makes the bread with good expansion and large volume.

4. It makes the products in uniform color, with delicate internal organization and good taste.


Services we can provide:

1. We can provide mixed containers with different mixed items in one container.

2. We will control the quality, and offer free samples for test before shipment. After shipment, we will keep the samples for 3 years.

3. We can arrange shipment promptly with professional documents.

4. We can make the packages as you request, and send you photos before shipment.


Why choose us?

1.Found in 1992, focus on yeast production 30 years.

2.The natural conditions we located are ideal for raw material (Beet ) planting and growing .
3.The features of  Beet molasses yeast is Fast fermenting ,make breads soft and good taste. 

4. State-owned enterprise that specializes in Yeast Biotechnology.

5. High output (12000 mt /year) can ensure continuous supply,on-time delivery guaranteed.





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