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          Lint Roller  For Suit

          No noise and no electromagnetism disturbed.

  1. Strong sticky and nice glue

  2. Cleaning tapes can be used for families, hospitals, offices and other 
    special places (such as railways, engine rooms, computer rooms, labs)

  3. Stick-lay of this products is dealt with special request, which is a green product



Detailed Product Description:

  1. Material: paper base

  2. Coated special treated adhesive layer

  3. With 10- 60 layers or 1-9M

  4. Layer: spiral sheet or straight cutting sheet

  5. Cardboard tube length: 10cm

  6. The tube inner diameter: 3.75 to 3.85cm

  7. Plastic handle: 20 to 22.5cm

  8. Handle: as follows,any color is acceptable

  9. Refillable

  10. Customized designs paper are accepted

  11. Products details

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  14. Samples room

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