Титановая анодная сетка с платиновым покрытием для производства Персульфата

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Product Description

Qixin titanium.PNG Description of MMO Titanium Anode
Product NamePlatinum coating titanium anode mesh for persulfate production
MaterialGr1 as substrate, platinum as coating
Dimension & Shape 

1) Plate/Tubular/Rod/Mesh shape 

2) Different dimension is available

3) Or according to client's drawing  

Platinum Coating Thickness0.3-5micron; but 0.5 micron, 1.0 micron, 1.5 micron, 2.0 micron and 2.5 micron are popular to be asked.
TechnologySand blasting, Acid washing and Brush Coating



1) Current density<20000A/M2

2) Temperature<85°C

3) PH 0.1~14

4) Max content of Fluoride ion is 200PPM

Application1)HHO Generator
2)Water ionizer
3)Water Treatment,
Seawater Desalination Plants

1) Titanium anode also called MMO anode, DSA & Insoluble anode

2) Cathode also be provided


Plastic or paper as inside, carton or plywood case as outside, or 

according to client's demand


Flexible, sample order acceptable 



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titanium anode 2


Qixin titaniumThe Advantages of Titanium Anode
1. Dimension Stable; it is unchangeable for space between electrodes during electrolysis; cell voltage is stable that makes electrolysis operation guaranteed well.

2. Lower working voltage and small energy consumption;

3. Titanium anodes have longer working life.
4. Compared with soluble graphite anode and lead anode, titanium anodes are avoiding any pollution to electrolyte and products on cathode. 
5. Increasing current density is available, which can boost production efficiency.
6. It can be worked in stronger corrosive medium or other special medium because of its better anti-corrosion property.
7. Short circuit is easily happened if lead anode is out of shape during working. However, titanium anode can avoid this problem and increase current efficiency.
8. Light weight can easily to be installed.
9. Different shape is available with high accuracy.

titanium anode 4


Production Method

Qixin titaniumTitanium Anode Production Method

Titanium anode is a kind of electro-catalysis electrode in electro-chemistry, which is composed by substrate that is pure titanium and coated that is precious metal oxide.


Three Procedures:

1. Substrate treatment: it needs to be treated by roughing, cleaning and removing oil, which can increase the compactness of catalytic.   

2. Brushing


After substrate treatment, it will be proceeded brush coated. The main coated content is platinum group metal, which is a kind of mixed solution.

Then, heat treatment will be going on after drying.

The whole procedure need to be repeated many times. This method is better to form thin oxide catalytic that is lamellar adhere to substrate surface.

3. Heat Treatment 

Anode production 1 


Packing & Shipment

Qixin titaniumPackaging and Transportation Details for Titanium Anode

Packaging: plastic or paper inside, carton or plywood box as outside, or as clients' requirements.
Delivery Time: 15-20 days, or offer exactly time after your enquiry.

packing and shipment 1 

Company Information

titanium anode company 1

Baoji Qixin Titanium Co., L td. was built in 2006. It is located in Xuguang Industrial Park , Maying town,in Baoji. The company is private enterprise and focus on production and research of electrochemical industrial titanium anodes, titanium materials or other related titanium products.
The main products are including mixed Ru-Ir oxide coated titanium anode,mixed Ru-Ir-Sn oxide coated titanium anode , mixed Ir-Ta oxide coated , platinium coated titanium anode,lead oxide coated titanium anode and so on.


Our Advantage
1. Main quality indicators: Titanium substrate, precious metal ratio, accelerated life, coating binding force to the titanium substrate (coating adhesion)
2. Technical Standard Final product test: Ultrasonic test, Eddy current test, Hydraulic test, Flaring test and so on.
3. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, PED.
4. Advanced technology and equipment, abundant experiences and skilled workers, during the production of titanium anode, each process must be strictly supervised and tested.
5. Own R&D, production and sales department, we always struggling to supply the product with the most excellent quality and the most favorable price and supply the most favorable price and supply the most efficient service.

6. Each production process are looked at to make sure the specifications and performance are qualified.

7. The original Mill Test Certificate is available to be attached to the delivery.

8. We can accept the third party certificate if the custom need.

 Certificate 03


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