RTS Match Q whitening supplement glutathione pills capsules (10000000734173)

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Product Overview


RTS Match Q skin whitening capsule with Glutathione and Vitamin c
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Why is my skin getting duller and duller?

Product Description

As we get older and older, we continue to apply lots of skincare products, but the effect is very limited. We like to use various cosmetics to make up ourselves, but after removing it the skin is a mess.

Product name
RTS Glutathione Skin Whitening wholesale Capsule
Brighter, enhance skin fairness, block out the damage from UV radiation, etc
Main ingredient
Patent Apple Extract, Glutathione, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin C, Berry complex extract
Product Declaration
The whitening product can remove your spot and fix the uneven skin tone. The brightest part of your body is the expected result


Whitening Capsules – The secret to keeping skin youthful is from the inside out

1.Partent Apple Extract: Inhibit the damage from UV light, helping regenerate skin cells.
2.Grape Seed Extract: With premium anti-oxidation, preventing various skin damage caused by oxidation.
3.Vitamin C: Promote collagen production and skin elasticity.
4.Glutathione: Removing spot and inhibit melanin precipitation.
5.Berry Complex Extract: With 8 anti-oxidation berry extract, delaying skin aging and enhance skin health.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is referred to as GSH. It is a very small protein and composed of three types of amino acids: glutamine, cystine and glycine. Peptides are an important element inherent in our body and the key to regulating physiological functions.

The benefits of Glutathione
  • Great complexion

  • Help sleep

  • Strengthen metabolism


Using skincare products, can only repair the surface, the degree of absorption is limited. Whitening capsules gives the body needed nutrients and absorbs it from the inside out, make your skin shiny.

We can not go back to the past, but the skin can!

Take 2 capsules per day, Keep beauty all the time!
Product effects may vary due to personal lifestyle and eating habits

● The whitening product can remove your spot and fix the uneven skin tone.
● You can go back to your natural skin tone.
● The brightest part of your body is that whitening drink can reach.● For example, your skin coming back to 2 stages after 4 weeks. From 9 to 7.

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