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Product Overview


We utilise consumer and operator insight to create solutions in our foodservice, convenience and retail channels that respond to consumer needs such as health, accessibility, indulgence and refreshment.
From flavours to finished products, our beverage portfolio expands a range of categories such as syrups, sauces, hot chocolate, dairy & fruit based beverages that customers can leverage to create coffee, soft drink, alcoholic, dairy and nutritional beverages.

Based on market trends, we’re able to guide you through improved consumer-product versions. Due to digitization, consumers are savvier and local offerings are traveling beyond their traditional border and going global

Yogurt Powder is a versatile product made for applications in food service. The latest product from us is very good to be applied as a creamer for hot or cold drinks, perfect fit for coffee, tea, and smoothies. A premium quality product that produces a soft and creamy texture. Non Dairy Creamer doesn’t cover the original taste of the drink but can actually increase the flavor. This product is only available in 500gr packaging that could safe your storage space needs.

Very well applied in a variety of drinks, both hot and cold
Able to make whipped cream and dollops for drink toppings (combined with Whip Topping Base)
It can be used as base for sweet soup and ingredients for desserts, such as flan and pudding

Handling Instruction
Arrives frozen (-18°C)
Thaw before use in refrigerator 2°C-7°C for 24-36 before usage for best result
Shake container well before opening
Whip on medium or high speed until soft peaks form
Whipped product must be stored under refrigeration and can be frozen (recommended to be finished within a week after opening)
Never refreeze unwhipped product



Skimmed Milk Yogurt Powder is made from fresh milk that is cultured, pasteurized, evaporated and then spray dried. Our powder has an excellent flavor profile.


Typical Specification (As Is)
Moisture 4.0% max
Fat 1.5% max
Protein 34% min, target 35.0%




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