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Coco Peat is the non-fibrous, spongy, light weight, corky material that holds together the coir fibre in coconut husk. It was in the early ’90s that the horticultural use of coco peat was discovered and the material demand has been in the rise ever since. Globally known by the name Coco Peat, they are also known as Coco Coir in the US and Coir Pith in the Middle-East. It is a 100% organic, natural, and bio-degradable substance which was the by-product of the Coconut Fibre Extraction process, but not anymore. It is now the co-product of the coconut fiber extraction process.


 * Impurities/sand: 3% Max.

3% Max.
* Moisture:
15-20% Max.
* PH:
5.8 to 6.8.
* Block Size:
30 x 30 x 15 cm.
* Fiber length:
Less than 2cm.
* Weight :
5kg (+/- 3%).
* Electric Conductivity (E.C):
 * High EC (Animal Bedding): 3.5 - 5 mS/cm.
Low EC (For Plant Growth) < 0.5 mS/cm.

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