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All about coconut flour
Coconut flour. Coconut flour is a way to bask in the good stuff, whilst indulging in a little bit of a sweet treat, or a baked delicacy. Our organic coconut flour deserves a sport in your store cupboard, ready for that moment you want to bake up a storm, get cosy with a cuppa and cake, or simply want a gluten-free way of thickening your soup.


Use coconut flour for?
Baking with coconut flour is by far and away its raison d’être. If you’re new to using coconut flour, then we recommend you start with some recipes designed specifically using it. From banana loaf to waffles and keto or paleo bread, it’s fabulous stuff.

When you’re ready to get a little more ambitious, you can have fun with recipes that state wheat flour. Don’t do a straight swap, as coconut slurps up the moisture. As such, you want to use less of it with more liquid, compared to regular flour, so add extra eggs, milk or water.

Baking with organic coconut flour isn’t all it’s good for. You can coat veggies and meat, or even a banana with coconut flour and get frying. It’s also ideal for thickening soups, curries, stews, smoothies and sauces, as its finely ground. It’s also top-notch for raw recipes.


Benefits of coconut flour?
Number one, it’s all-natural. It should be 100% pure coconut. It’s naturally gluten-free, while being high in fibre, and far lower in calories and carbs than standard wheat flour.

Coconut flour is rich in certain fats, specifically medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which some studies have suggested are used quickly by the body as fuel.

Another coconut flour benefit is that it can be great for your gut. An excellent source of fibre (approx. 36g per 100g), it may help feed your gut bacteria. We could all use a little more fibre in our diet.

Lastly, but not least, its naturally high in protein (approx. 23g per 100g), so you can get a plant-based protein hit from dusting it over your breakfast, or adding to your morning smoothie.


Coconut Flour Method
If you come to us to buy coconut flour, you’ll find that we actually only sell organic coconut flour. It’s not just about labelling. This is because we genuinely believe we should only bring you the very best coconut products, meaning there are no nasties added to it, or used during production (commonly known as ‘processing aids’). Our coconut flour is finely ground, unrefined and always made from non-GM coconuts.


Our lovely independent organic farmers in Sri Lanka are responsible for growing the coconuts that lovingly go in to every packet of organic coconut flour we sell.

The coconut flour is made by grinding up the dried meat of the coconut into a really fine powder. It’s actually an excellent way of making sure as much of the coconut is used as possible. That’s because the flour is made once the milk and oil have been extracted.

As it is 100% coconut, and hasn’t gone through any bizarre processing, our organic coconut flour tastes very subtly of coconut. However, it carries other flavours well, so it won’t always be dominant – unless you want it to be!

Unlike some coconut flours, ours is really 100% coconut. You won’t find any extra things such as fillers, sugar or flavourings. Check out our offering below:







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