IRND натуральная нейтральная плотность 4x5,65 фильтр для камеры ND фильтр для объектива камеры 4x4 6,6x6,6 кинематографический вид для кинематографии (10000001783067)

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Product Description

4x5.65" IRND ND Camera lens Filter Cinematic Look for Cinematography
(double-sided) attenuation film +IRCUT+ waterproof and oil proof
B270 SCHOTT Glass
Lens height
Mirror ring pattern
Can be customized
Special technology of lens material
Chemical reinforcement
Optional gear
block UV, IR and visible light, remarkably neutral, eliminating infrared pollution, no color shift, ensuring all colors remain absolutely accurate and true, Cinematic look a wonderful tool for Cinematography 

Company Profile

Huizhou XinNuo Precision Optics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013,it’s professional in coating processing with optical glasses.The core technology products,high-end camera filters:UV,CPL(Polarizer),GND(Graduated Neutral Density Filter),ND(Neutral Density Filter),Mobile Phone Cameras,Mobile Phone Additional Function Mirrors,etc,patented products.It provides OEM;ODM product processing service for many high-ended filter brands in China and other countries over the years.
Huizhou XinNuo Precision Optics Co.,Ltd was originated from a Japanese Optics company,it has a group of designers and engineers who have studied in optical thin film and structural design for many years,continuous researches and breakthrough,keep providing high-precision&high-quality products for relevant industries(Medical Lamps,Laser Instruments,Military Optical Accessories).

Our Advantages

1. We have been doing research and production camera filter for more than ten years which can provide full series of camera lens filter with big capacity,including special effect filters, such as starburst filter, black mist filter, streak filter, mirror filter with doughnut effect.
2. We have professional RD and QA team to control the quality, we commit to providing you outstanding quality with competitive price.
3. We have professional customer service specialists, which can provide you the best customer service to solve the order and delivery issue to ensure the on time delivery.
4. We don't have own brand and focus only on OEM service, which can custom filter size, thickness, filter ring pattern based on your requirement,we have strict confidential agreement which can protect your brand.

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